The Big Five: Big Knit Hats

A friend of mine set the challenge to make at least five hats for the Innocent Big Knit. In our case, we crocheted the hats. Here’s my result:

I tried to follow a pattern for the first one (the owl) but ended up improvising all five ^_^”

All there’s left to do now is put them in the mail and wait for January, that’s when they will appear in supermarkets 🙂


Like this!

Cheers, Lydia

Ps: there are two days left to vote in the design contest. Follow this link and vote for your top five designs. Don’t forget to check out my entry, Dr. Bearnard and nurse Octopus!

Design contest: voting is now open!!~

Hey guys,

you might remember my entry for the Amigurumi design contest, Dr. Bear and his lovely nurse Octopus:

From today until saturday (25th till the 30th of november) you can vote for your five(!) favorite designs here! Check it out and please vote for me? It would be totally awesome to win something with my very first completely-not-based-on-any-existing-character-ever design! In other words, this was the first (and so far, only) design I’ve ever made without pictures to work from.

I know there are loads of great designs that entered in the contest, but please take your time to check them out and hopefully, mine will be in your top five!

Also, if I win anything, I will háve to do a giveaway/contest kind of thingy, cause lets face it: what’s a crocheting girl to do with two copies of Zoomigurumi? ^_~

Here’s the link one more time: Amigurumi design contest voting page. Click the little hearts on your top five so that they turn green and leave your name and email. Thanks!

Check out the cuteness once more:

DSC05260 DSC05263

Cheers, Lydia

PS: choosing five favorites is hard! I know, I’ve done it. If you’re having trouble finding five to vote for, consider Chance the Football Cheeta, by Lelie. He was made by a friend of mine ^_^

Maggie the African flower owl – finished!

Some of you may have followed the work in progress on FaceBook and now, I’m proud to present the finished item!

This was a big project. It didn’t take up as much time as I thought it would and didn’t come out as big as I wanted, but it still was a lot of work! And in the end, it was definitely worth it.

The entire owl is built up out of 34 ‘african flowers’, two circles for the eyes, and one cone for the beak. Making all the parts isn’t that hard, once you get the hang of working on the flowers. It’s putting it all together that got to me. I usually shy away from projects with loads of parts, but this one just had a way of captivating me. It seemed like I just couldn’t stop working on it ^_^”

So, after a lot of crocheting parts together, I got this result:


Inside out after attaching all the flowers together


And finally, almost an entire bag of stuffing and some finishing touches later, the completed project!

I’m still on the fence on whether to keep this one myself, or combine it with another upcoming project: the baby gift for my brothers friend.

I have got plenty of yarn left over to work on another one. I ended up only using a little over half a grey skein, less than half a white skein and just over one blue skein. So maybe I will try making a bigger one by doubling the tread and using a bigger needle. But first I will make some hats for The Big Knit and a friend of mine asked me to help him out by doing a little commission for him.
So I know I won’t get bored any time soon 🙂

Have a great weekend and don’t forget that starting tomorrow, you can vote for my Dr. Bearnard and nurse Octopus design in the design contest! (The prices are awesome and if I win something, I just need to do a giveaway ^_~)

Cheers, Lydia

The Big Knit

Even though I’m still working on putting my african flower owl together, I’m already thinking about my next project. I couldn’t really decide what to make next when one of my friends brought The Big Knit to my attention.

This is an initiative from Innocent Smoothies to help raise money for charity. Over here in the Netherlands, they’ve chosen to support the National Fund for the Elderly (freely translated).

Basically, what they ask you to do is knit or crochet a tiny hat (or two, or a hundred) and send them to Innocent. They then put the hats on their smoothies and sell them. For every smoothy sold, they donate a certain amount to the chosen charity.

It’s an initiative that has been around in the Netherlands for a couple years already, but I have to admit I never really give it much thought. Mostly because I didn’t know that the hats were made by the public and frankly, I can’t knit to save my life ^_^” Luckily, they also provide some crochet patterns on their site, so this year, I will try to make as many as I can. They have to be send in before the 1st of december, so I think I will start as soon as I can.

That is, once I’ve finished putting all the the african flowers together to form an owl. Or maybe I’ll just put it aside for a bit.

Have you ever joined The Big Knit or another incentive where you crochet/knit for charity?
Check your ‘local’ Innocent Smoothies website to see if you can still contribute for this years’ Big Knit and make a diffence ^_^

Cheers, Lydia

I have made a huge mistake…


All the skeins I (believe I) will need for the African Flower Owl

Remember this giant stash of yarn I bought at the crafts fair a few weeks back? I really thought I would need that much yarn to make Maggie the African flower owl. As it turns out, I only need to make about 6 more flowers and I’m still on my first skeins. I’m using three colours: white, grey, and blue and it looks like I will need just one skein of each.

It also looks like it will become a bit smaller than it should be. But I won’t know for sure until I’ve put all the pieces together.


This will become the front, the white parts are the eyes

Now I need to figure out what to do with the rest of the yarn. Maybe I will make a matching afghan (the one I’ve been meaning to make since summer). On the other hand, if it really turns out smaller than expected, I might make another one with a bigger hook and a double thread.

What do you do when it turns out you have bought way too much yarn for a single project?

In other news: this blog has gotten over 10.000 views! I was hoping it would reach this number before my anniversary (the 4th of December) but I never thought it would go this quick! So now, I’m trying to think of a way to celebrate, but can’t quite decide what to do. A friend of mine suggested a give-away or something like a crochet-along, but I’m still not sure. So any suggestions are very welcome!

Cheers, Lydia

Docto-Bear (design contest entry)

Octo-Bear works really hard during the month October as a mascotte, but that doesn’t mean the duo just sits around the rest of the year! Instead, they try to rid the world of illness using the best medicine there is: cuteness overload.

Meet Dr. Bearnard and his trusty Nurse Octopus:

DSC05260 DSC05263 DSC05266

I had loads of fun designing this duo and it was a challenge for me to make the clothes (well, jacket) I’d never made anything like this from scratch and I’m pretty proud to say that they got accepted as my entry for the Design Contest. The theme of the contest is animals at work and the other entries look amazing! So I’m crossing my fingers, hoping I might win something. But the best part is, all the visitors of the site get to vote, so when the time comes, please vote for me? Don’t worry, I’ll remind you guys when you can vote ^_~
You can check out all the entries here.

In other news: Crochetnanigans is now on FaceBook! Just check the sidebar on the right side of your screen and you will find the link to like this page! Here I will post WIP’s and tiny tidbits that just aren’t big enough to make into a blogpost. And it will be easier for you guys to post about the things you’ve made using my patterns, or anything else you’d like me to know about ^_^ So I hope you will join me there as well!

Have a wonderful sunday!
Cheers, Lydia

Pin-cushion piggy

Yesterday, I decided it was about time to retire my old pincushion:


This little whale was my very first crochet creation, but because of that, the stitches aren’t very tight. The result? He tends to eat my needles ^_^”

Now he can spend the rest of his days safely on a shelve, not needing to worry about accidentally filling his belly with sharp objects.

A while back I got a nice goodiebag from Echtstudio. In it was a cute little pattern from DenDennis for a “porcupine”.


Being a combination between a piglet and a cactus, this little critter is just the perfect candidate for my new pincushion! I might even start using pins now that I’ve got them at hand instead of somewhere at the bottom of my big box of ‘stuff I might need while crocheting‘.


He can even hop out of his little pot, but he prefers not to (since he’s a bit unstable when he does, he still needs to hold on to the rim)



What do you use to hold your pins and needles? Just an everyday pincushion, your current projects or something you made especially for them?

Cheers, Lydia