Pin-cushion piggy

Yesterday, I decided it was about time to retire my old pincushion:


This little whale was my very first crochet creation, but because of that, the stitches aren’t very tight. The result? He tends to eat my needles ^_^”

Now he can spend the rest of his days safely on a shelve, not needing to worry about accidentally filling his belly with sharp objects.

A while back I got a nice goodiebag from Echtstudio. In it was a cute little pattern from DenDennis for a “porcupine”.


Being a combination between a piglet and a cactus, this little critter is just the perfect candidate for my new pincushion! I might even start using pins now that I’ve got them at hand instead of somewhere at the bottom of my big box of ‘stuff I might need while crocheting‘.


He can even hop out of his little pot, but he prefers not to (since he’s a bit unstable when he does, he still needs to hold on to the rim)



What do you use to hold your pins and needles? Just an everyday pincushion, your current projects or something you made especially for them?

Cheers, Lydia

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