Byatwf: Wasabi the bunny

Today was bring your amigurumi to work Friday! Because I plan on bringing a different ami to the crafts fair tomorrow, Wasabi the bunny got to accompany me to work. But when we got to the store, Wasabi suddenly realised that he was a little bit shy… So he spent the day in our office, helping out with paperwork ^_^


He makes a great bookstand


He can do complicated calculations


And is a great conversational partner during dinner time (“are you really going to eat that?!”)


As to the person who forgot their roses in our store: thanks, they look great on my coffee table ^_^

What activities did your amigurumi help you with today?

Cheers, Lydia

Wasabi the Bunny

Posting bonanza! I just remembered I can write posts and put them in a cue to be uploaded anytime I want, even if I am at work ^_^

This saturday, I will attend the Kreadoe, a big crafts fair, with one of my crafty friends: Doretta (website in Dutch).

To get an extra discount at the Echtstudio stand, you are supposed to bring an amigurumi from one of the designers that will be at the stand on either thursday, friday or saturday. This presented a problem to me.
-On thursday, it’s Tessa van Riet-Ernst from Woolytoons. No problem, I have all three of her books.
-On friday, it’s DenDennis, since it’s the first of the month and BYATWF (don’t forget!). No problem, I have one of his patterns.
-On saturday, it’s Joke from Amigurumipatterns. Problem: only zoomigurumis are allowed for the discount and the books are on my Christmas wishlist…

Thankfully, there is one pattern that can be found online, if you know where to look! So, I began working on Wasabi the Bunny after I had finished up all the ponies. And here’s the result:

DSC05231 DSC05232 DSC05227

Isn’t he just the cutest?! I especially love his little tie, even though it’s a little crooked. The colours work really well together and I’m glad I got some new material, instead of using colours from my stash that just were a little too.. meh for this project. With a bit of luck, next week I’ll be able to show you guys a picture of me, Wasabi and Joke! And the additions to my stash that will have been bought with a nice discount. The things I’ll do to save some cash…

Cheers, Lydia

Cheese, Gromit!!

Last night, I watched ‘Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were Rabbit’. It’s a pretty awesome movie, with some very cute characters. The bunnies really stole the show for me.

It made me think of a project I’d done at the beginning of my ‘crochet career’: the hungry, hungry bunny.


I always say that I don’t like making a pattern twice, but in the end, I usually don’t mind doing the same thing again. But this one will probably never be remade by me. It was so hard to make, especially since I wasn’t very experienced and it has this bag inside its body that you have to work around and it took soooo long to get it right. But in the end, I’m really happy with the result.

Foto0384 Foto0383 Foto0382 Foto0381

(These are some pretty old pictures, taken with an even older mobile phone, so it’s not great quality, sorry ^_^”)

Right now, I’m trying to work hard on my latest project, a pattern that resembles the Slinky Dog from Toy Story. I came across the pattern via Facebook and it’s been my second project for this week. But due to extra hours at the store, I got a little less time to work on it than I had originally planned. Thankfully, now I’ve got three days off, so I should get it done tomorrow or the day after 🙂

How are you spending your weekend?

Cheers, Lydia