Happy the African flower happypotamus

I don’t have much time to blog, but I really want to share this little cutie with you guys:


Happy  the happypotamus, from a pattern by Heidi Bears :3
He was a lot of work: crocheting 44 different African flowers and then having to sew them all together… but the end result is definitely worth all the time (and stuffing!) it took ^_^

Have some work-in-progress pictures!


A lot of African flowers were needed


Unstuffed Happy, he ate almost all the stuffing I had!

I really like the ‘African flower’ animals, especially because they take up a lot less yarn than you’d expect. Since I bought a boatload to make the owl last year, I’ve got plenty left over to make lots of different animals ^_^

You can find some inspiration over at Heidi Bears or Jo’s Crocheteria. Which would you like to make?

Cheers, Lydia