Design contest: voting is now open!!~

Hey guys,

you might remember my entry for the Amigurumi design contest, Dr. Bear and his lovely nurse Octopus:

From today until saturday (25th till the 30th of november) you can vote for your five(!) favorite designs here! Check it out and please vote for me? It would be totally awesome to win something with my very first completely-not-based-on-any-existing-character-ever design! In other words, this was the first (and so far, only) design I’ve ever made without pictures to work from.

I know there are loads of great designs that entered in the contest, but please take your time to check them out and hopefully, mine will be in your top five!

Also, if I win anything, I will háve to do a giveaway/contest kind of thingy, cause lets face it: what’s a crocheting girl to do with two copies of Zoomigurumi? ^_~

Here’s the link one more time: Amigurumi design contest voting page. Click the little hearts on your top five so that they turn green and leave your name and email. Thanks!

Check out the cuteness once more:

DSC05260 DSC05263

Cheers, Lydia

PS: choosing five favorites is hard! I know, I’ve done it. If you’re having trouble finding five to vote for, consider Chance the Football Cheeta, by Lelie. He was made by a friend of mine ^_^

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