Peacock CAL

A while back I joined a CAL on Facebook in order to make a peacock. I had seen the finished project before and really liked the design, so I decided I couldn’t skip this one.

The pattern was split up into three parts, each of them working on a different part of the bird.
A lot of different colours were needed, but luckily I had them all in my stash ^_^


All the required colours

We started with the body:


Inside the body there is a length of wire, so you're able to bend and shape the neck

Next came the feathers, which were pretty tedious, but oh so pretty in the end:


So many tail feathers, the colours really make them pop!


The wings were made up of five different parts and were hard to sew on to the body. But the result looks great

And for the last part we got to make the feet and put everything together. And here’s the result:



My peacock kind of leans on its feathers and we were supposed to wind yarn around the wire for the feet, but in the end, I really like the result ^_^

The CAL was organised by a closed group on Facebook called Yvonne’s gratis haak patroontjes. If you join, you can find the pattern parts in the files section.

Cheers, Lydia