Lovely day for a crafts fair


Welcome to KreaDoe

Yesterday was my first time ever visiting the ‘KreaDoe’, a huge crafts fair in the Netherlands, together with my friend Doretta (site in Dutch). I had no idea what to expect and I have to say, it really blew me away.

First of all: Saturday is not the best day for visiting this event. It was busy:

IMAG0768 IMAG0769

Yes, blurry pictures.. My phone isn’t the best when it comes to busy overview pictures and I didn’t feel like lugging my camera around all the time ^_^” but you get the idea!

Second: it was a lot of the same stuff. I must have seen at least a hundred stands with different kinds of paper for making cards. Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating, but trust me when I say there were many!

Third: it was tons and tons of fun! So much to see and so much inspiration to be drawn from every corner! One thing I picked up was a DIY package for a little felt owl. If I like making it, I might order some more!

Winter Owl Decoration

Winter Owl Decoration
It has all you need to make it, except for pins, scissors, glue and measuring tape ^_^

One of the stands that really stood out to me was that of Fantasy Atelier (site in Dutch!). They make the most amazing, tiny little castles and fairy-trees with mostly natural products. If you’ve ever been to the Efteling (a big themepark in the Netherlands) you can compare what they make with the ‘Droomvlucht’. Aw heck, you guys need a picture to know what I’m talking about:

Castle Globe

Castle Globe



All their products looked so amazing, I fell in love with them. They also sell DIY packages, I think I just need to put at least one of those on my Christmas Wishlist ❤

At the EchtStudio stand, you could have your picture taken with Joke, from, in order to get a 10% discount. The only catch was that you needed to bring a Zoomigurumi with you. I finished my Wasabi the Bunny way before the event, but bought the book last wednesday and couldn’t resist working on the Toucan. I finished work on it friday night, just in time to join me on my trip:

Me with Joke and Zico the Toucan

Me with Joke and Zico the Toucan

And a 10% discount was just what I needed, since I found out how much yarn is needed to make that African Flower Owl I love so much. Which brings me to my purchases of the day:

All the skeins I (believe I) will need for the African Flower Owl

All the skeins I (believe I) will need for the African Flower Owl

Some other stuff I got: present labels, the felt owl, a new crochet hook (4mm), colour changing yarn and some felt-wool (wool-felt? no idea what the stuff is called ^_^")

Other stuff I got: present labels, the felt owl, a new crochet hook (4mm), colour changing yarn and some felt-wool (wool-felt? no idea what the stuff is called ^_^”)

All together!

All together!

After all that shopping, we enjoyed a nice cup of hot cocoa (me) and coffee (Doretta) at a café in Utrecht and then went on our way home. I was exhausted after the trip and was glad to see my trusty couch and later on my bed. A headache attack kept me from going to the birthday party that was on the agenda for the evening, but in the end, I think it’s a good thing I didn’t go, as I might have fallen asleep right in between the other guests…

And what did I spend my sunday on? Finished work on my shy little unicorn for the CAL:

IMAG0792 IMAG0791

Isn’t she a cutie? I think I need to make her a big brother to watch over her!

How was your weekend?

Cheers, Lydia

Wasabi the Bunny

Posting bonanza! I just remembered I can write posts and put them in a cue to be uploaded anytime I want, even if I am at work ^_^

This saturday, I will attend the Kreadoe, a big crafts fair, with one of my crafty friends: Doretta (website in Dutch).

To get an extra discount at the Echtstudio stand, you are supposed to bring an amigurumi from one of the designers that will be at the stand on either thursday, friday or saturday. This presented a problem to me.
-On thursday, it’s Tessa van Riet-Ernst from Woolytoons. No problem, I have all three of her books.
-On friday, it’s DenDennis, since it’s the first of the month and BYATWF (don’t forget!). No problem, I have one of his patterns.
-On saturday, it’s Joke from Amigurumipatterns. Problem: only zoomigurumis are allowed for the discount and the books are on my Christmas wishlist…

Thankfully, there is one pattern that can be found online, if you know where to look! So, I began working on Wasabi the Bunny after I had finished up all the ponies. And here’s the result:

DSC05231 DSC05232 DSC05227

Isn’t he just the cutest?! I especially love his little tie, even though it’s a little crooked. The colours work really well together and I’m glad I got some new material, instead of using colours from my stash that just were a little too.. meh for this project. With a bit of luck, next week I’ll be able to show you guys a picture of me, Wasabi and Joke! And the additions to my stash that will have been bought with a nice discount. The things I’ll do to save some cash…

Cheers, Lydia