Back in business

With the hectic holidays behind me, I have finally been able to find some time to really sit down and crochet again. Although I love Christmas and enjoy spending time with my family, it was getting difficult to find some me-time. Especially with work being busier than ever.

But now, I can get back to working on some nice projects ^_^ So here’s a little project-update!

I finished working on my ‘mystery project’ after a lot of frustration with it. I kept running out of yarn ^_^” The pattern called for about one skein of the main colour, I ended up using three >_< And if that wasn’t bad enough, I could only get the yarn from this one stand at the market in the town where I work. Fortunately, they also have a webshop. Unfortunately, you have to indicate the shipping fee yourself. Figuring that one skein is 50grams and fits into an envelope, I picked a shipping fee for envelopes weighing less than 100grams. The first time that went by without problems, but the second time, the lady from the store emailed me saying that the shipping fee is far more than that and that she didn’t understand how I came at that price. So in the end, I had to transfer some more money in order to get my package. It all worked out fine in the end, but I don’t really like the way their webshop is set up. Guess I’ll have to shop at the market from now on!

I haven’t really finished the cowl I made. It still needs a button, but I haven’t been able to find the right one. Today, I was in a little fabric store at our local mall, which turned out to have quite the collection of buttons. Sadly, I hadn’t thought to bring the cowl with me, so I’ll have to return on friday to pick the right one.

Boyfriends’ scarf is on the shelf until I can get my hands on some more of the yarn I used for it. That will be somewhere next year ^_^”

In the meantime, I’m working on this pattern: Suzy Sheep from Stip&Haak (Dutch!) I’m just flying through the pattern, even though it’s made with fuzzy yarn. I love using Phildar Douce, it’s really soft and it hardly shows that it’s crochet. And even though you can’t see the stitches, as long as you keep count and mark your rounds, it’s really easy to work with! I fell in love with this yarn all over again because of this project.
Right now, all I have left to make are the legs and then it’s all done! I think I started working on it on December 26th and I haven’t had much time for it until this weekend. So expect a post with the end result soon-ish ^_^


Here’s another project I made with Phildar Douce ❤

Another project I finished up, was the winter owl decoration made of felt. It was fun to make something different than amigurumi, but my sewing skills aren’t to write home about. Still, I think he turned out very cute! And even though I have already gotten rid of all Christmas decoration in the house, I kept this one up because I like it so much 🙂DSC05279DSC05281

I get to enjoy one more quiet day and then it’s time for New Years! Everyone have a great night and be careful if you plan to light up some fireworks!

See you all next year.
Cheers, Lydia


Sometimes, nothing turns out the way you want it to. I wanted to give Boyfriend a scarf for Christmas, since he can’t seem to think of any presents. But I’ve run out of yarn and the lady I bought it from wasn’t at the market this week. To make matters worse it’s impossible to find online. Next time I’m able to go to the market is… 2014 -_- so yeah, no scarf for Boyfriend.

I’m also working on a Christmas gift for a friend. He didn’t ask for it, but when I saw the pattern, I just knew I had to make it for him. But now I’m stuck, because I ran out of the main colour, again. Now I have to wait for it to be delivered, but the last time I ordered, it took quite a while to get here. So fingers crossed that it will get to me in time. On the other hand, I probably won’t see this friend before New Years, so I’ve got a bit of time.

In order to vent my frustration a bit, I decided to make a scarf or cowl for myself. After starting several different patterns and frogging it all, I ended up with a nice cowl after all.


Now it just needs a nice big button to finish it up ^_^

The pattern for this cowl comes from All About Ami. It’s called the buttoned shell stitch cowl. I made it with the same yarn as the ribbed pom pom beanie I made a while ago, so it makes a set 🙂

Do you get frustrated easily? And how do you handle it?

Cheers, Lydia

How to make my day in 12 easy steps!

A few months ago, I was at a local store with my mom. It’s the kind of store that sells books and other stuff really cheap and they switch their collection regularly. That day, I ran into a handy little book called: “Crochet Notebook”. In it, you can keep track of patterns you’ve made, which hooksize you used, which and how much yarn (brand, colournumber weight), how long the project took you… Pretty much anything you’d like to remember when working on a pattern. But, I didn’t buy it then. It was right before Boyfriend and I were going on vacation and I needed to keep what little money I had, in my pocket.

Yesterday, me and Boyfriend went shopping for Christmas gifts and we went to the same store. I looked around for the book, but couldn’t find it anywhere. So when Boyfriend asked me what I was looking for, I described it to him. We both looked around a bit more, but we couldn’t find it. So we proceeded to look around for gifts. Then suddenly, a lady walked up to us. And she said: ‘I think I heard you talking about this book?’ And lo and behold, she was holding the very book I had been looking for! Apparently, she’d overheard me describing the book to Boyfriend and ran into it in a different section of the store. And she was kind enough to actually take the book with her and come and find us! I was rather surprised and a little overcome by her kindness. It’s pretty amazing how many kind people there still are in this world. So I thanked her a bunch of times and had to restrain myself not to give her a big hug. (It’s never very smart to suddenly hug strangers, no matter how friendly they might be ^_^” )

So, to make a long story short: here’s my new book in which I can write my patterns:

It looks so cute and happy! ^_^/

It looks so cute and happy! ^_^/

And yes, the post title is a lie, there is no easy, 12 step way to brighten my day, but little acts of kindness certainly go a long way!

What can make you smile?

Cheers, Lydia

Keeping warm


After seeing my warm winter hat, Boyfriend asked me if I wanted to make one for him as well. So I got the yarn for it and planned to make it in secret to give to him for Christmas.

Saturday we had our annual celebration of ‘Sinterklaas’ (basically a dutch Santa). Each year, we buy generic gifts and play a game together with Boyfriend’s family where you can get gifts, but also need to trade or give them away. You start with all the gifts still wrapped and end up unwrapping them during the game. Long story short: Boyfriend ended up with a hat…

So a change of plans was made and now I’m making a scarf. I hope to have it done by winter 2015, it’s so very big! It measures about 2.5 meters in length and it needs to be broad enough to keep his neck warm. This is how far I’ve gotten:

In the meantime, I’m also working on a slightly secret project to give to a friend and I finished working on a commission for another friend, but can’t post about it yet, since he needs it for a gift as well ^_^”

Working on the scarf is a bit boring, so I think I will work on some small projects in between. I plan to make some Christmas ornaments for work, those should be quick enough to make whenever I get really sick of going back and forth.

How do you handle slightly boring projects? Do you just stick to it to get it done faster, or do you switch every now and again to keep things interesting?

Cheers, Lydia


As a bonus, here's a picture of Japie next to our Christmas tree ^_^

Pattern #9: Magikarp!

I can’t get away from making Pokémon patterns, but then again, it seems like it is easier for me when I know what the amigurumi should look like before I translate into crochet. I’m still having a hard time figuring out certain shapes, but I am also getting better. So after a friend of mine asked if I could make him a Magikarp, I first ventured onto the Internet to see if there was a pattern fitting for my needs already. I couldn’t find much really, apart from hats, so I decided to make my own.

So without further ado:

Magikarp Crochet Pattern!

A wild Magikarp appeared!

A wild Magikarp appeared!

Orange, white, yellow, pink, and black yarn. 4.5mm safety eyes, stuffing.

ch – chain
ss – slip stitch
sc – single crochet
dec – decrease
st – stitch
fo – finish off
repeat ** – repeat what is in between **
(x) – x is the amount of stitches you should have at the end of the row

The Pattern
The pattern is worked in rounds unless it says otherwise. You do not need to join rounds.

Eyes (make 2)
With white yarn, ch2
Round1: 4sc in second chain from the hook (4)
Round2: 2sc in every st around (8)
Fo, leaving a tail of yarn to sew the eyes to the body.

With orange yarn, ch2
Round1: 6sc in second chain from the hook (6)
Round2: 2sc in every st around (12)
Round3: 1sc in every st around (12)
Round4: *1sc in first st, 2sc in next st* repeat ** 5 times (18)
Round5-6 (2 rounds): 1sc in every st around (18)
Round7: *1sc in first 2st, 2sc in next st* repeat ** 5 times (24)
Round8-11 (4 rounds): 1sc in every st (24)
Round12: *1sc in first 2st, dec1* repeat ** 5 times (18)
Round13-14 (2 rounds): 1sc in every st (18)
Round15: *1sc in first st, dec1* repeat ** 5 times (12)
Round16: 1sc in every st around, front loops only! (12)
Fo, attach the eyes and stuff the body. Make sure not to stuff too tightly, since the body needs to be flattened a bit to get the right shape.

To make the mouth, attach black (or in this case, dark grey) yarn to round 16 of the body, back loops only!
Round1: 1sc in every st around (12)
Round2: dec6 (6)
Fo and weave in the ends, closing the gap with an end of yarn.
Then, you attach pink yarn to round 16 of the body and sc1 all around (12) this gives you the lips. Fo and weave in the ends.

With white yarn, ch2
Round1: 6sc in second chain from the hook (6)
Round2: 2sc in every st around (12)
Round3: *1sc in first st, 2sc in next st* repeat ** 5 times (18)
Round4: *1sc in first 2st, 2sc in next st* repeat ** 5 times (24)
Round5: *1sc in first 3st, 2sc in next st* repeat ** 5 times (30)
Switch to orange yarn, fold your work and crochet together with about 15sc. Fo, leave an end of yarn to sew the tail to the body. With black yarn, embroider two lines down the tail.

Now it’s time to work on the fins! Please note that these are worked in rows! Also, if you’re having trouble figuring this part out, you can always cut the right shapes out of felt and glue them to the body ^_^

With yellow yarn
Row1: ch4, turn
Row2: starting from the second chain from the hook sc in every ch, ch1, turn (3)
Row3: 1sc in every st, ch3, turn
Row4: starting from the second chain from the hook sc5, ch1, turn (5)
Row5: sc2, ch2 turn
Row6: starting from the second chain from the hook sc3, fo and leave an end of yarn to sew the backfin on top of the body.
Your end result should look like this:



With yellow yarn
Row1: ch3, turn
Row2: starting from second chain from the hook, sc2, ch1, turn
Row3: sc1, ch2, turn
Row4: sc2, ch1, turn
Row5: sc1, ch3, turn
Row6: sc3, ch1 but don’t turn
Row7: work a row of sc along the side of your work. Fo and leave a tail of yarn to attach the belly fin to the underside of the body.
Your end result should look like this:

Belly Fin

Belly Fin

Pectoral Fins (make 2)
With white yarn
Row1: ch7, turn
Row2: sc6, ch1, turn
Row3: sc4, ch3, turn
Row4: sc6, fo.
Attach orange yarn to the side of the fin and ss around the side and top of the fin. Fo and leave a tail of yarn to attach the fins to the sides of the body. using black yarn, embroider two lines across the fins.
Make sure you make a right and a left fin, by ss across a different side for each fin. Or else, the orange rim will be at the bottom of one of the fins!

The end result should look like this:


For the feelers, cut a length of yellow yarn and make a nice big knot at the end. Thread it in a needle and insert the yarn through a gap between stitches. Make it come out through a stitch just below the eyes, so that the knot at the end stays firmly inside. Do the same on the other side and cut the ends to be the desired length.

Tadaa~, your very own Magikarp is done!

Note that Magikarp and all other Pokémon are copyright of Nintendo.
Please do not sell or publish this pattern as your own. If you do use it, please give credit to me and link back to my site, thank you in advance! If you have any questions regarding this pattern, or just want to show off your work, feel free to contact me ^_^

Cheers, Lydia

Happy Birthday, Crochetnanigans!


Exactly one year ago today, I started this blog! And what a year it has been.. Lets review with some stats!

Over the course of 365 days, I have accumulated:
– 87 Posts, including this one
– in 8 Categories
– with 140 tags
– including 8 posted patterns, with the 9th on its way
– Almost 11.500 views!
– From 81 different countries!!

A while back I also started a FaceBook page for this blog, that has gotten 33 likes already (which is a lot in my mind)

For the coming year, I have some big plans. Well, maybe not huge but I am planning on some changes. You will just have to stick around to find out what those will be… But no matter what, I will try to keep growing, both in my work and with my blogging and hopefully give you a lot more patterns to use!

Thank you all for sticking with me and hopefully, you will continue to do so for a lot longer ^_^

Cheers, Lydia


Winter is coming!

I have to admit I have been rather lazy when it comes to crocheting lately. After finishing the owl pillow, I got into a slump that I’m slowly coming out of.

As a quick, in between project, I decided to make a nice warm hat to go with my new coat. After seeing this post on All About Ami’s blog, it was easy to decide on a pattern.

I usually get my yarn from one of three places: the internet, a small crafts shop in my town, or the market. This time, I fell in love with a yarn I found at the last one. It’s a really light beige with a shiny thread woven through it. So it sparkles really cutely in the sunlight ^_^

Here are some work-in-progress pics and the finished product:

The hat is basically a big rectangle

The hat is basically a big rectangle

You thread an end of yarn through one of the long sides, pull it together and sew the short sides together, making the hat shape:

Here is the hat without pom pom and with the rest of the second skein of yarn

Here is the hat without pom pom and what was left of the second skein of yarn

And lastly, you make a nice, fluffy pom pom to go on top:



I made the pom pom with both the beige yarn and some white yarn, to make it slightly lighter than the hat itself. I didn’t want to make it too beige 😛

The yarn is really bulky and warm, but it does itch a little bit. I hope it will get less itchy in the future and on the other hand, winter hasn’t really started yet over here, so I might not even wear it that much ^_~

Cheers, Lydia

PS: For those of you that are paying close attention to the pictures, yes, that is a Magikarp in the first one ^_~ It was requested by a friend of mine and I will probably post the pattern somewhere around the weekend!