Variety is the spice of life!

So, as said in my last post, I didn’t get to crochet during the past weekend. I did get to run around a lot, not eat very much and stress out. Of course, I also had loads of fun and I got to relax a little bit every now and again.

Something that got me back into a bit of a Zen-state, were the simple origami cherry blossoms:


I could just feel myself calming down a little more with each fold. Plus, they look adorable.

One thing I really wanted to do this weekend is follow the ‘sweet creations’ workshop, where you learn to make little chocolates from fimo clay (not sure if it is called the same in English, but I’m actually too lazy to look it up right now).
And here’s my result:


Not bad for a first try and without any tools besides a cookie-cutter and a razor knife, if I may say so myself ^_^

But now, I’m back at home and thinking what project to start next. Then again, I could always try to finish reading ‘The Hobbit’ before starting anything else…

Cheers, Lydia

I’m going on an adventure!

This weekend will not be filled with me sitting on the couch crocheting. Instead, I’ll be running around the World Forum in The Hague, making sure that Animecon 2013 is going as planned. It’s one of the biggest anime conventions in the Netherlands and I’m one of the lucky (if a little stressed out) people who get to make it happen.

I have been helping with organising the festival for a few years now, at first as a ‘lowly’ gopher, just working the jobs they gave me. Then, I went on to work with Gopherplanning, giving other volunteers their shifts. Last year, I was asked if I wanted to join the staff as the person responsible for the cloak&bag room. I happily agreed, not realising how stressful it would be to set up a cloak&bag room in an entirely new location for about 3500-4000 visitors! So I’be been a little jittery for the past week.

Today we will start building up and from Friday till Sunday it’s game on! It will be loads of fun as well, of course, meeting up with people I hardly get to see over the year, following workshops, watching anime, looking at amazing cosplays, browsing through the dealerroom…

I just hope I don’t get any withdrawal symptoms from not being able to crochet all weekend…

Cheers, Lydia