The Big Five: Big Knit Hats

A friend of mine set the challenge to make at least five hats for the Innocent Big Knit. In our case, we crocheted the hats. Here’s my result:

I tried to follow a pattern for the first one (the owl) but ended up improvising all five ^_^”

All there’s left to do now is put them in the mail and wait for January, that’s when they will appear in supermarkets ūüôā


Like this!

Cheers, Lydia

Ps: there are two days left to vote in the design contest. Follow this link and vote for your top five designs. Don’t forget to check out my entry, Dr. Bearnard and nurse Octopus!

The Big Knit

Even though I’m still working on putting my african flower owl together, I’m already thinking about my next project. I couldn’t really decide what to make next when one of my friends brought The Big Knit to my attention.

This is an initiative from Innocent Smoothies to help raise money for charity. Over here in the Netherlands, they’ve chosen to support the National Fund for the Elderly (freely translated).

Basically, what they ask you to do is knit or crochet a tiny hat (or two, or a hundred) and send them to Innocent. They then put the hats on their smoothies and sell them. For every smoothy sold, they donate a certain amount to the chosen charity.

It’s an initiative that has been around in the Netherlands¬†for a couple years already, but I have to admit I never really give it much thought. Mostly because I didn’t know that the hats were made by the public and frankly, I can’t knit to save my life ^_^” Luckily, they also provide some crochet patterns on their site, so this year, I will try to make as many as I can. They have to be send¬†in before the 1st of december, so I think I will start as soon as I can.

That is, once I’ve finished putting all the the african flowers together to form an owl. Or maybe I’ll just put it aside for a bit.

Have you ever joined The Big Knit or another incentive where you crochet/knit for charity?
Check your ‘local’ Innocent Smoothies website to see if you can still contribute for this years’ Big Knit and make a diffence ^_^

Cheers, Lydia