There, I fixed it

I love jeans. They’re the only kind of pants I wear to be honest. But sometimes, my jeans don’t love me back. Like this one pair, that had the little worn patches like so many jeans you can get nowadays (talking like this makes me feel old, but I don’t really know another way of saying it -_-” ) anyway, those worn bits are prone to truly tearing sooner rather than later. And I do not love holey jeans (especially since my legs are as white as can be) luckily, I came across this great idea while browsing the world wide web: fix your jeans with crochet! So that’s what I did, and here’s the result:


The holes stretch as I wear the jeans


Crocheted some simple patches, just increasing 6 stitches in the round until they were big enough


Sew them on the inside


Sew some ‘concentric’ circles on the outside. While this attaches the patches a bit more secure, it also looks nice


And now, when I wear them, you don’t see snowy white skin but pink fabric, yay ^_^


What is the best (crochet) idea you picked up from the Internet?

Have a great weekend! Cheers, Lydia

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