Slinky Dog ^_^

It took me a week, but the “Slinky Dog” is finally finished! It was a fun project to do, even though I had to sew a lot of the parts together. But this one is definitely fit to be a baby-gift ^_^

Just look at those sad puppy eyes, she wants you to take her home!

Just look at those sad puppy eyes, she wants you to take her home!

Sideview, the 'slinky' part sags a bit when you put the doggy upright, so it takes a lot of posing to get it to stand

Sideview, the ‘slinky’ part sags a bit when you put the doggy upright, so it takes a lot of posing to get it to stand

Trying to climb the couch, but that can be pretty difficult when the back of your body doesn't want to go there >_<"

Trying to climb the couch, but that can be pretty difficult when the back of your body doesn’t want to go where the front wants to go >_<“

I’m not sure who created the pattern, as all I’ve got is a link to the translated version in Dutch. The person who posted it did say that all honour goes to the person who created it, but did not put up a link to the original. (I’m guessing it’s someone Russian, seeing the watermark in the pictures, but I can’t be sure)

You can make this dog in many different colours, I’ve seen it with a palet of blue and in the pattern it looks a bit like a ‘rainbow’ dog. But I’ve decided to use pink, seeing how it’s going to a little baby girl :3

Right now, I’m trying to work on a small project, creating a pattern for one of the new Pokémon! But I’ll keep you guys in the dark for now as to which one it will be. Feel free to guess though! ^_~


Cheese, Gromit!!

Last night, I watched ‘Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were Rabbit’. It’s a pretty awesome movie, with some very cute characters. The bunnies really stole the show for me.

It made me think of a project I’d done at the beginning of my ‘crochet career’: the hungry, hungry bunny.


I always say that I don’t like making a pattern twice, but in the end, I usually don’t mind doing the same thing again. But this one will probably never be remade by me. It was so hard to make, especially since I wasn’t very experienced and it has this bag inside its body that you have to work around and it took soooo long to get it right. But in the end, I’m really happy with the result.

Foto0384 Foto0383 Foto0382 Foto0381

(These are some pretty old pictures, taken with an even older mobile phone, so it’s not great quality, sorry ^_^”)

Right now, I’m trying to work hard on my latest project, a pattern that resembles the Slinky Dog from Toy Story. I came across the pattern via Facebook and it’s been my second project for this week. But due to extra hours at the store, I got a little less time to work on it than I had originally planned. Thankfully, now I’ve got three days off, so I should get it done tomorrow or the day after 🙂

How are you spending your weekend?

Cheers, Lydia

That was quick!


I already finished the first project I had lined up for this week. It turned out a lot smaller than I thought it would, but I still think it looks really cute.

As long as you just look at the front that is.. the back looks a bit messy, but that’s because I’m not very good at hiding away the ends when it comes to flat work. So the back of the tail has some dots of glue to keep the knots from coming apart ^_^”

This afternoon I’m hooking up (pun totally intended!) with some friends to drink tea and work on some crochet. It’s so much fun to crochet with friends. I love seeing how they work and which materials they like to use.

What is your favorite setting to work on your crafts?

Have a great day everyone!
Cheers, Lydia

The first step to rehabilitation is admitting you have a problem..

Hi, I’m Lydia and I am an addict.

It started so innocently a couple years ago. Hey, there’s a new trend, lets try and see if I can do it too. So I picked up the cheapest and quickest supplies I could find and got my first fix. And now I’m hooked, quite literally ^_^”

I managed to keep my promise to myself for not crocheting until today. Still haven’t picked up my hook. Although.. I did show a friend of mine how to start using a chain of two instead of a magic ring because she couldn’t figure it out (neither can I, that’s why I always chain2). But that doesn’t count, does it? I hope not.

I did, however, spend yesterday morning online, browsing through hundreds of free patterns and saving some to my to-do folder. I guess when I can’t get my fix I start looking around for the next and the one after that. I need to have a couple patterns lined up, because I’m afraid my world will fall apart when I’m done with a project and I don’t know what to make next!

Well, honestly, it’s not really that bad, but I guess it could be considered a problem.

I’ve been working on busting away some of my yarn stash, cause I’ve got a lot of bits and pieces of leftover yarn that can’t really be used to start a big new project with, but are still enough to make some small ones. So right now, I’m looking at either small projects or ones that use a lot of different colours so I can get rid of some of my leftovers. But now I’ve got projects lined up that need more of the same colour, or even colours I don’t have (anymore). So I’m itching for a shopping trip while still trying to save up for my vacation.

But maybe I can satisfy my cravings by starting one of the new projects I’ve got lined up. Still need to get to work on that gift for my friends baby, but now, I’ve got two patterns I really, really like. So perhaps I’ll just make both of them and then decide which one I like better. That’ll keep me occupied for at least a week. I hope.

How do you handle crafty cravings when you can’t actually fulfill them?

Cheers, Lydia

Tiny dragons in love <3

The second project I was able to finish this week, two little dragons.

When I saw the pattern, I knew I just had to make more than one of these cuties. And what better to make than a couple in love?

So I made a blue boy dragon:

DSC03948 DSC03947

And a pink girl dragon:

DSC03946 DSC03944

And they fell in love the instant they laid eyes on each other ^_^

DSC03953 DSC03941

It does take a lot of fidgeting with felt, thread and glue to make the wings, scaly body and horns, but in the end, I believe it’s really worth all the mess. They look totally adorable, don’t you think?

The pattern for the dragon can be found over at All About Ami.
For the heart, I did a little bit of googling and ended up at Voodoo Maggie’s blog.

With a new project already lined up, it’s time for me to get off the internet (actually, I’ll be at work when this is posted :-P) and get to crocheting! Or maybe I’ll start after the weekend.. Probably on sunday though ^_^”

Cheers, Lydia

Fishing for compliments?


Naw, he’s just teaching his tadpole son to swim, but he doesn’t seem to want to get into the water. I wonder why…

Don’t worry, my fish get plenty of food and would never think of eating a cute little amigurumi like you ^_~

I made this frog and his kid in anticipation of the birthday party of a friend of mine. She said she didn’t want any presents, but who can really resist any kind of excuse to pick up their crochet hook? After a succesfull birthday party for my boyfriend, I was able to start and finish two projects already this week! Now I need to get to work on a gift for another friend who has given birth to a wonderful baby girl (the day before?) yesterday.

But I think I will give my hands some rest until the weekend. My wrist has been doing better, even though I’m afraid I strained it too much again at work yesterday. I should really learn to take it easy when my body starts to ache ^_^”

The pattern for ‘Kobe the Frog’ and his tadpole son ‘Kenji’ come from the book Amigurumi & Forest Friends by Tessa van Riet-Ernst. As far as I know, it’s only available in Dutch.

He's pulled him back up into safety, just in case!

He’s pulled him back up into safety, just in case!

Cheers, Lydia

Blog Directory

All About Ami put together this awesome list of pretty much every crochet blog she could find! I really need to take a day off to browse every site listed here, but I am sure it will be a lot of fun to get more in tune with the crocheteer community ^_^ I’m pretty sure I will have the time soon, since I hurt my wrist at work and crocheting isn’t going as smooth as it should T_T But first, I’ve got my boyfriend’s birthday to worry about!

Also, apparently it’s a lot more difficult to reblog a post from Tumblr onto WordPress than it should be, so I now also have a Tumblr account 😛 (made Tumblr account, reblogged the post on there and then was able to import into WordPress, YAY!)

Anyway, enjoy this huge list of crochet blogs out there and if you happen to work through it before me, let me know which ones I should definitely visit!

Cheers, Lydia


When I first started making amigurumi, I googled “amigurumi blogs” to see what other people were doing with this exquisite craft, to get tips, and to just connect with others who were interested in the same thing that I was interested in.  There weren’t that many back then, but I enjoyed whatever I came across!  Now that I’ve been blogging for a few years, I’ve been able to connect with and reach many people around the world!

And so, it is now my pleasure to present to you this directory of amigurumi and crochet blogs!  When I first asked people to send me their blogs, I honestly was expecting maybe 30-40 comments….little did I realize that there were sooo many bloggers out there, with over 180 people responding!  It’s been fun for me to pop by all your blogs and see what you all have been working on!

Take some time to look around, comment, and connect with fellow crocheters!  It’s amazing how the internet can bring us all together and make the world a whole lot smaller 🙂  In an effort to organize this very long list, I have divided up the blogs by geographical region and then alphabetically within each region.  Maybe you’ll discover some fellow crocheters who live near you!  Please let me know if anything needs to be changed or if I have left anyone out.  Feel free to add your own blog information (name, where you’re from and url) in the comments below in case you missed my first call for amigurumi and crochet blogs as I will continue to update this list!

***The winners of the blog directory guessing game are “AmiCrafter” (blog comments) and “Bisukiut” (Instagram) as both guessed 183, and there were 184 blogs in the directory at the time of the contest!  By random draw, AmiCrafter will receive the crochet hook, but we didn’t want to leave Bisukiut empty-handed, so she will receive a bunny felt kit 🙂  Congratulations and thanks for guessing!  Many of you were very close!***







Purple minion prototype

The past few days I have been working on a purple, evil minion from the movie Despicable Me 2. I fell in love with the ‘normal’ minions once I’d seen the first movie and I once again fell head over heels when I saw the second.

At first the pattern came along quite well, but the biggest problem I came across was the hair. I didn’t feel like making it strand by strand, so I tried using fuzzy yarn. Sadly, it didn’t give the effect I was going for.

I also think I made the eyes too small and the mouth is a little weird.

All in all, I’m really not happy with how he came out, but I also ran out of purple and dark grey yarn and frankly, I just don’t have the funds right now to stock up. So you will have to wait for me to be able to redo the pattern before I will feel comfortable to put it up.

For now, you will have to do with one picture (I’m a little bit ashamed 😦 )


Then again, working out a pattern is a process of trial and error. So all I can do is try again 🙂

Cheers, Lydia