Tiny Projects

Because the store where I work is a little understaffed at the moment, I’m going to be working a lot more than usual. It has been pretty busy already so I haven’t been able to do a lot of crochet work. I’ve mostly been working on little projects, but I do love the result ^_^

The first was a request made by a friend that I’d almost forgotten about until she reminded me a few weeks back.


It’s a little baby-Squirtle! The pattern is made by Aphid777 on Deviant Art can be found here. I fell in love with the pictures even before I got to work on my own. So before I got to crocheting, I saved all her other patterns for baby Pokémon on my to-do list! The main difference between my Squirtle and hers, is that I didn’t needle-felt the eyes, but made them with iron-on cloth and acrylic paint. Also, I couldn’t get the markings on his belly quite right, but then again, he’s supposed to lay on his tummy, so that shouldn’t matter too much ^_^”

The second was a project that has been on my to-do list for a while now. Luckily, in the big bag of yarn that I got from a friend a while back contained just the right colours. Now I can present you:


It’s an extremely cute little hedgehog! The pattern is by Ana Paula Rimoli and can be bought here.  The quills were a lot of work, but it is worth it. From the top he looks like a walking afro 🙂


The third one was something that I wanted to do a long time, but didn’t really look for until this week.


Atashi from Chobits ❤
The very first thing I bought at my very first anime convention was an Atashi keyring. I’d never even seen the anime or read the manga, but I the thing was just so adorable that I couldn’t leave it. Over time it got pretty beat up and now it’s sitting around somewhere in a drawer collecting dust. Thanks to this pattern by Djonesgirl 0n Craftsy.  I do regret making the eyes from felt, since the shape didn’t turn out the way I’d liked to. But then again, it’s still very lovely 🙂


So yeah, I’m going to be pretty busy the coming weeks. And the blog will be rather quiet as well 😦 But I will try to share my latest crochet creations whenever I can! I’ve already got a couple new patterns planned, but still need to find the time to work on them ^_^”

Bare with me please. Also, sorry for the crappy pictures, my phone did not want to work with me… Though I do love the one of the baby-Squirtle 🙂

Cheers, Lydia

Elephant Snuggle

This was a quicker project than I thought it would be, especially since it was my very first time actually making granny squares. But thanks to the links provided in the pattern (DenDennis is ever so thoughtful) it was much easier than I anticipated.

The pattern can be found here, by the way ^_~

DSC05587 DSC05593 DSC05592The yarn I used is Katia Mississippi 3 for the head and arms and Scheepjes Softfun for the blanket-part. Especially the Softfun is very soft and has a kind of velvet-y feel to it. It took a lot less yarn than I thought it would, so I have plenty to make more in the future ^_^

There is only one thing I hated about this pattern and that’s the fact that you have to weave in so many ends of yarn! And to make it so that they’re nearly invisible and almost impossible to get loose… But I managed and it’s certainly not something to keep you from making this adorable security blanket ❤

Cheers, Lydia

Upcoming projects

Inspiration has struck and now I’m drowning in plans for things to crochet! So I guess what I’m going to put here will be my to-do list for the coming few weeks ^_^

Elephant Snuggle

Free pattern by DenDennis

Free pattern by DenDennis

This pattern by DenDennis is so insanely cute that I wanted to make at least one as soon as I saw it. Sadly, no babies in the future in my group of family and friends. A coworker of mine made me very happy yesterday by asking if I could make something for her. Friends of her have a lovely baby girl and she wanted to give her a snuggle/security blanket. Do I ever have the right pattern in line for that! So yesterday when I came home, I started on the elephant part, since I need to get some yarn to make the blanky part.

This is how far I've gotten yesterday

This is how far I’ve gotten yesterday

It’s a pretty quick and easy pattern, I guess that’s what I love about DenDennis (he’s got a book coming out this march, I need to get my hands on that!)
Today I have a trip planned to the market to see if they have the yarn I need. As I’m writing this, I suddenly realise I might as well pay a visit to the local yarn store, they might have what I’m looking for as well and I haven’t been there in a while ^_^”

Baskets (Dutch!)

Free pattern by EchtStudio (Dutch!)

Free pattern by EchtStudio (Dutch!)

I’ve been looking for new and bigger boxes to store my stash of yarn in. And even though I have considerably lessened the amount of yarn I have laying around, I still want some more storage space. My eye had fallen on some nice boxes from Ikea, but they didn’t have the right one in store at that moment. Then I came across this free pattern from EchtStudio and realised my mistake. Instead of buying something, I could just as easily make something myself! And I fell in love with the colours of the yarn: Lammy Hawai. So I need to put in an order sometime soon ^_^

-Boyfriend’s scarf
I need to go to the market today either way, because I really want to get some work done on the scarf I’m making for Boyfriend. Lately, I’ve been pondering just frogging the whole thing and making a slightly shorter one. But that does mean starting all over again.. Oh well, I’ll see what I will do when I get my hands on some more yarn and am able to continue.

– Own patterns
I’m not entirely sure why, but I really feel like making some Legend of Zelda characters! I really love the games. The Minish Cap was the first one I ever played (yes, I’m a late-bloomer)
I searched around on the web to find suitable candidates for me to turn into crochet. I’ll keep it a secret for now, but I do have three characters/enemies/weapons/whatevers planned, so stay tuned!

Today will be filled with taking up stock and getting the yarns I need and want to keep myself busy.

What are your crochet-plans for the coming weeks? Anything big, or just quick little projects in between?

Cheers, Lydia

The wedding planner

My cousin is getting married today and I almost forgot to crochet him and his fiancee a little gift! Luckily, Google always has the answer when it comes to quick little projects and I found a really cute pattern on Lion Brand.


They look adorable together, don’t they?

This morning I said to Boyfriend that when (not if :P) we get married, I want all the guests to give me a skein of yarn. He then decided that he wants a set of guitar strings from everyone. He also thought my idea was weird, but let’s ignore that part ^_~

I’ve got a bit of a headcold, so I’m pretty much rambling today. I have built a little crochet cave on the couch with a blanket and food and all my supplies together and I’ve been watching Graham Norton all morning.

And now I’m babbling again… I’d better get back to bed or something, seeing how I need to go to a wedding party tonight ^_^

Cheers, Lydia

Creepy Crawlies

As you might know, me and my boyfriend came back last week from a vacation in Greece. We had loads of fun there, but sometimes, things got a little… creepy. I will now tell you all the horror story of “The bug under the fridge!!” ~dundundunnnn~

I’m not regularly afraid of bugs in general. Frankly, whenever I come across one I don’t feel like catching and releasing myself, I set one of our cats on it. That usually clears up the problem in no time, especially since one of them loves to eat bugs. It’s like we don’t feed her anything, whenever she can get her claws on one, she will eat it. Sometimes she runs around the house with a huge blowfly still buzzing in her mouth, trying to find a quiet place to enjoy her snack. But I degress.

It was our second to last day in Greece and I had just gotten out of the shower when I noticed something underneath the fridge. So I bent down to look at what had caught my attention and I saw that it was a rather large, black bug. Since we didn’t have the cats with us on this trip, I decided to call out for Boyfriend so that he could swoop in and save this damsell in distress, yours truly. Now, if there is one thing I have learned from this experience, it’s that I should never, ever again call for Boyfriend when there is a large bug to be taken care of. He ended up being more grossed out by it than I was. Eventually, since the bug didn’t seem to want to come out from under the fridge and we couldn’t clearly make out what it was, we decided to leave it in peace. Problem solved, you would think. Everytime we came close to the kitchenette, we could see it scuttling back under the comfort and safety of the small fridge, so I figured it was more scared of us than we were of it and everything would be just fine.

Boyfriend didn’t feel quite the same. He really wanted to know what it was, but, since we hadn’t seen more than just it’s huge antennea, we could do nothing more than speculate. He eventually decided that it just HAD to be a cockroach. I had my doubts, figured it would much more likely be one of the crickets you could hear all day, but couldn’t see. But as I said, we hadn’t seen the whole thing yet, so I couldn’t debunk Boyfriends idea. We didn’t see the thing for the rest of the day.

That night, I was exhausted as usual (waking up every morning at 6.15 and not getting any sleep until the evening, plus doing loads of touristy stuff will do that to me) so I went to sleep early. Boyfriend was still up, but in bed next to me, playing on his Nintendo DS. Right when I was falling asleep, he suddenly cried out and jumped onto my side of the bed, scaring me wide awake in an instant. He’d heard something next to him and when he looked on his nightstand, The Bug was right there! According to Boyfriend, it flew at him when he saw it and then mysteriously disappeared, either behind his pillow or somewhere else in the room. The bug-hunt began, me looking all over and Boyfriend asking me if I’d seen it from the other side of the room. (Okay, maybe I’m making this worse than it really was. He could’ve just gone to the bathroom while I was trying to find The Bug, but humour me ^_~) I couldn’t find it anywhere, so I got ready to go back to sleep. But Boyfriend had another idea. We needed to switch sides, since The Bug might be behind his side of the bed. Also, he wanted to know what he should do when he saw it again. So I went into the kitchenette, got one of the cooking pans and told him that if he saw it again, he should put the pan over it and we would see what we’d do with it in the morning. As long as he’d let me sleep, it would be fine.

No more incidents through the night and the next morning we both woke up refreshed. Boyfriend was still wondering what The Bug might be, since he saw it flying across the room. He figured it couldn’t be a cockroach, since it flew. Unfortunately, I watch too much Discovery Channel and spend too much time on the Internet, so I was able to tell him that yes, cockroaches can in fact fly. They don’t seem to do it a lot, but still. During the day, he kept thinking about that creepy Bug crawling all over our appartment while we were enjoying our last day next to the swimming pool. I tried to comfort him, but I guess I’m a little too sadistic to really get him to feel better.

Around late afternoon, I started to fall asleep over my book, so I decided to go back to our room to get a little nap in. Boyfriend went with me so I wouldn’t be alone. And of course, right as I was falling asleep, Boyfriend suddenly started slamming the drawers of his nightstand, scaring me awake once more. When I asked him what was wrong, he told me The Bug was in his nightstand. He was looking for his DS Adapter, but instead, found the huge, black bug in there. It was time to take action. As soon as he’d told me that The Bug was moving slowly in there when he’d opened the drawer, I figured it couldn’t be a cockroach, they’d be running like crazy if you suddenly exposed them to light like that. I told him to get a bowl or a glass or something, put it over The Bug and we’d put it outside. He did just that.

And here is the nastly little bugger, keeping me awake the last few days of my vacation:


A cricket, just like I thought. We set the little guy free on the grass behind our room and at least I could sleep well the last night.

You might be wondering where I’m going with this extremely long and slightly senseless story.

Well, when we got back home and I had access to my crocheting gear again, I just knew I had to make something for Boyfriend to commemorate this aweome adventure we’d had. I set out on a quest to find a Cockroach pattern, since I wasn’t feeling like looking at loads of cockroach pictures in order to figure a pattern out myself. I stumbled upon the blog of Zpiderdzigh, who had the cutest (if possible) little cockroach pattern for sale. When I got the pattern, it turned out that the body was knitted! But don’t fret, crocheting it works out just as well ^_^

So withour further ado, here’s Carl the Crochet Cockroach:

There he is, just sitting on the bed, waiting for someone to discover him so he can scuttle away to safety

There he is, just sitting on the bed, waiting for someone to discover him so he can scuttle away to safety

And here he is again, right next to the fridge! I hope he can't get in there...

And here he is again, right next to the fridge! I hope he can’t get in there…

He's found the catfood! Now we'll never get rid of him.. Oh well, welcome to your new home, Carl!

He’s found the catfood! Now we’ll never get rid of him.. Oh well, welcome to your new home, Carl!

I put him in Boyfriends nightstand last night, right next to his DS so he had to find it. We had a good laugh about it and he said he loved it, so I guess it’s all good now ^_^

How do you handle creepy crawlies? Are you scared of them, kill them, or catch them and set them free? (I’m pretty much all of the above..)

Cheers, Lydia

Slinky Dog ^_^

It took me a week, but the “Slinky Dog” is finally finished! It was a fun project to do, even though I had to sew a lot of the parts together. But this one is definitely fit to be a baby-gift ^_^

Just look at those sad puppy eyes, she wants you to take her home!

Just look at those sad puppy eyes, she wants you to take her home!

Sideview, the 'slinky' part sags a bit when you put the doggy upright, so it takes a lot of posing to get it to stand

Sideview, the ‘slinky’ part sags a bit when you put the doggy upright, so it takes a lot of posing to get it to stand

Trying to climb the couch, but that can be pretty difficult when the back of your body doesn't want to go there >_<"

Trying to climb the couch, but that can be pretty difficult when the back of your body doesn’t want to go where the front wants to go >_<“

I’m not sure who created the pattern, as all I’ve got is a link to the translated version in Dutch. The person who posted it did say that all honour goes to the person who created it, but did not put up a link to the original. (I’m guessing it’s someone Russian, seeing the watermark in the pictures, but I can’t be sure)

You can make this dog in many different colours, I’ve seen it with a palet of blue and in the pattern it looks a bit like a ‘rainbow’ dog. But I’ve decided to use pink, seeing how it’s going to a little baby girl :3

Right now, I’m trying to work on a small project, creating a pattern for one of the new Pokémon! But I’ll keep you guys in the dark for now as to which one it will be. Feel free to guess though! ^_~


Cheese, Gromit!!

Last night, I watched ‘Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were Rabbit’. It’s a pretty awesome movie, with some very cute characters. The bunnies really stole the show for me.

It made me think of a project I’d done at the beginning of my ‘crochet career’: the hungry, hungry bunny.


I always say that I don’t like making a pattern twice, but in the end, I usually don’t mind doing the same thing again. But this one will probably never be remade by me. It was so hard to make, especially since I wasn’t very experienced and it has this bag inside its body that you have to work around and it took soooo long to get it right. But in the end, I’m really happy with the result.

Foto0384 Foto0383 Foto0382 Foto0381

(These are some pretty old pictures, taken with an even older mobile phone, so it’s not great quality, sorry ^_^”)

Right now, I’m trying to work hard on my latest project, a pattern that resembles the Slinky Dog from Toy Story. I came across the pattern via Facebook and it’s been my second project for this week. But due to extra hours at the store, I got a little less time to work on it than I had originally planned. Thankfully, now I’ve got three days off, so I should get it done tomorrow or the day after 🙂

How are you spending your weekend?

Cheers, Lydia

Tiny dragons in love <3

The second project I was able to finish this week, two little dragons.

When I saw the pattern, I knew I just had to make more than one of these cuties. And what better to make than a couple in love?

So I made a blue boy dragon:

DSC03948 DSC03947

And a pink girl dragon:

DSC03946 DSC03944

And they fell in love the instant they laid eyes on each other ^_^

DSC03953 DSC03941

It does take a lot of fidgeting with felt, thread and glue to make the wings, scaly body and horns, but in the end, I believe it’s really worth all the mess. They look totally adorable, don’t you think?

The pattern for the dragon can be found over at All About Ami.
For the heart, I did a little bit of googling and ended up at Voodoo Maggie’s blog.

With a new project already lined up, it’s time for me to get off the internet (actually, I’ll be at work when this is posted :-P) and get to crocheting! Or maybe I’ll start after the weekend.. Probably on sunday though ^_^”

Cheers, Lydia

Just keep swimming…

I finished work on the big minion that was requested by a friend of mine a couple days ago and now I’ve already finished the goldfish! I’m pretty glad that it turned out to be a quick project, even despite the slightly difficult pattern. I really needed something that didn’t take me a couple weeks to finish. (Even though work on the minion didn’t take nearly as long as the last time)

DSC03935 DSC03936 DSC03939

I think maybe the eyes came out a little too big, but I still really like this fish. Especially the fins and scales have been brilliantly thought up!

I’ve got quite a couple projects going on, more in my head than in real life, since I have been able to keep myself from starting too many things at once. I kind of feel like I’m starting to drown in my own work and that can’t be a good thing. But then again, I can’t seem to be able to stop crocheting >_<”

Right now, I’m working on the penguin from All About Ami and tonight I’m going to another Hook-In at Echtstudio, where I can get the yarn I need to get started on the afghan I want to make during my vacation.

Actually, I’m pretty excited about tonight, since DenDennis will be there. He has created some very cute crochet patterns and I’m pretty curious as to what he will be making in the future. If you like anything from Mario to Star Wars to original designs, go check out his blog! I’ve still to buy one of his patterns, but I think I will do that either tonight or after my vacation ^_^

In the meantime, while I haven’t been sitting still, neither has my blog. I guess someone mentioned me on Facebook, since a lot of people got directed here in the past few days. I haven’t been able to find out where they came from, but I want to take this opportunity to thank whoever linked here and everyone who liked it enough to take a look!

Well, I guess it’s back to the grindstone. Have a great everybody!

Cheers, Lydia

Lions and Tigers and.. Daleks?! Oh my!

A while back I was making crochet animal cupcakes like crazy and ended up with one very lonely elephant. I decided, with a little help from commenters, to make a full zoo set. And here it is:

The cupcake stand is a little too small, but I still think they look really cute on this :)

The cupcake stand is a little too small, but I still think they look really cute on this 🙂

They are now on their way to a friend of mine in America, who offered to take the lonely elephant in right away when I posted the last batch of cupcakes.

A loooong time ago, I made a Dalek (could also have been a few months, but it feels really long ago). He is on his way to the USA as well, since my friends husband really liked it. I really wanted to make one, but wasn’t sure what to do with it once it was finished. It was a bit of a hassle to get the whole group in the box together, since, as you might know, Daleks can be pretty.. Agressive. (They come from the series Doctor Who and have the tendancy to “exterminate” everything that moves)

Attack of the Dalek!

Attack of the Dalek!

There are two Takochu in this picture as well, because my friend also requested those. I just love to make these little guys! They make great keychains or little danglers for on your handbag. And probably the biggest plus is that they are really easy and quick to make! I can get one done in less than an hour, so it’s really no sweat to whip them up. I am glad however, that I switched from safety eyes to little half pearls that I glue on. The Takochu are just too small to really work well with the safety backings, making their eyes bulge out a bit. Plus, they are too small either way to be given to little children, so child-proofing them isn’t really an issue (I think).



Together with this, some random Dutch stuff went in the package and I really hope my friend likes it.

The pattern for the Dalek can be found here.
The pattern for the Takochu can be found here.
The patterns for the animal cupcakes came from a Dutch pattern book.

Cheers, Lydia