Happy Easter!

I hope everyone is able to find loads of yummy easter eggs ^_^

This little cutie has been my decoration for the past week. I’ll be sad to put her away ’till next year.

Easter Scene

Easter Scene

Easter Nest

Easter Nest

She's so cute holding her little egg like that ^_^

She’s so cute holding her little egg like that ^_^

I bought the pattern for this cute little Easter Bunny at Echtstudio. Be warned, it’s Dutch-only ^_~ They also have a package deal: the pattern with all the yarn you need to make the bunny, plus eyes and a nose (I find noses especially hard to come by)

One of my cats loves the little chicks, so I have to keep my eye out for little chicky massacres everytime she’s been alone in the living room.

And on that note: Happy Easter everyone ^_^

Cheers, Lydia

Merry Christmas!

Goodmorning everyone and merry Christmas!

The great thing about being crafty is being able to make my own decorations ^_^
The first big project I ever worked on was a Christmas scene, the pattern for which I found in a Dutch arts and crafts magazine the grandma of my boyfriend just happened to have a subscription to.


I kind of still want to re-do the sheep, because I changed the fuzzy yarn I used after I finished the head. But on the other hand, I quite like it and don’t really feel like making it again. This whole thing took me weeks to complete and actually wasn’t finished until New Year last year (this year? anyway…)

This year a friend of mine found a pretty fun-looking pattern online and suggested that we make it. We try to get together once every month to work on some crochet projects, have a cup of tea and keep in touch. This pattern she found was a bit of a challenge, cause it consisted of many different parts and took a lot of sewing together. I would like to make it clear that sewing is not my strong point. But I still like the way it turned out.

Gingerbread house frontGingerbread house back

If you click the pictures, you get taken straight to the site with the pattern, nifty eh?

The last decoration I made came from a package deal. Basically, it’s a big bag with a pattern and all the materials you need included. Sadly, I think the yarn you get with these kinds of packages is usually not as nice to work with as the yarn I usually use and the stuffing is a bit too stiff for my tastes. But then again, it is pretty handy to have everything together in one buy, especially when a pattern uses colours you wouldn’t usually have in your collection. (yes, I know, every crocheter who is even remotely serious about themselves has every possible colour they could ever need, but humor me ^_~)

Package deal reindeer

Next to making my own decorations, it is also very convenient that I’m able to make presents. Some of you may have already seen the giant moogle head I posted a while back. That is actually part of my Christmas present to my sister-in-law, who asked me to make her a life-sized Mog. (it’s almost done and I need to finish it before tomorrow!)

A friend of mine also asked if I could make him something to give as a present, and his request was a bit.. well, unusual, but certainly Christmas related.
Meet Mr. Hanky Poo from the show South Park:

Mr. Hanky Poo in his natural environment Mr. Hanky Poo

Yeah, my cat doesn’t know what to make of him either 😛
This was another project where I didn’t use a pattern, but more or less just improvised using pictures online and seeing where my imagination led me. Now, I’m a bit sad that I didn’t write a pattern down for him, but then again, it should be pretty easy to work out how I made it if I every do wish to make a pattern out of him.

Well, that’s pretty much it for me when it comes to Christmassy things. I hope you all have a couple of wonderful days with your family and loved ones!
Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a huge moogle to finish up ^_^”

Cheers, Lydia