Winter is coming!

I have to admit I have been rather lazy when it comes to crocheting lately. After finishing the owl pillow, I got into a slump that I’m slowly coming out of.

As a quick, in between project, I decided to make a nice warm hat to go with my new coat. After seeing this post on All About Ami’s blog, it was easy to decide on a pattern.

I usually get my yarn from one of three places: the internet, a small crafts shop in my town, or the market. This time, I fell in love with a yarn I found at the last one. It’s a really light beige with a shiny thread woven through it. So it sparkles really cutely in the sunlight ^_^

Here are some work-in-progress pics and the finished product:

The hat is basically a big rectangle

The hat is basically a big rectangle

You thread an end of yarn through one of the long sides, pull it together and sew the short sides together, making the hat shape:

Here is the hat without pom pom and with the rest of the second skein of yarn

Here is the hat without pom pom and what was left of the second skein of yarn

And lastly, you make a nice, fluffy pom pom to go on top:



I made the pom pom with both the beige yarn and some white yarn, to make it slightly lighter than the hat itself. I didn’t want to make it too beige ūüėõ

The yarn is really bulky and warm, but it does itch a little bit. I hope it will get less itchy in the future and on the other hand, winter hasn’t really started yet over here, so I might not even wear it that much ^_~

Cheers, Lydia

PS: For those of you that are paying close attention to the pictures, yes, that is a Magikarp in the first one ^_~ It was requested by a friend of mine and I will probably post the pattern somewhere around the weekend!