Elephant Snuggle

This was a quicker project than I thought it would be, especially since it was my very first time actually making granny squares. But thanks to the links provided in the pattern (DenDennis is ever so thoughtful) it was much easier than I anticipated.

The pattern can be found here, by the way ^_~

DSC05587 DSC05593 DSC05592The yarn I used is Katia Mississippi 3 for the head and arms and Scheepjes Softfun for the blanket-part. Especially the Softfun is very soft and has a kind of velvet-y feel to it. It took a lot less yarn than I thought it would, so I have plenty to make more in the future ^_^

There is only one thing I hated about this pattern and that’s the fact that you have to weave in so many ends of yarn! And to make it so that they’re nearly invisible and almost impossible to get loose… But I managed and it’s certainly not something to keep you from making this adorable security blanket ❤

Cheers, Lydia