Friendship is Magic

Around the beginning of this blog, I’d worked on Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash from the series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Back then, I’d already mentioned that I might make the rest of the set, The Mane Four (which is not a typo) when I’d run out of projects. And this time has come. Well, I didn’t exactly run out, but I didn’t know what to work on next.

I’ve already got Rarity finished:

DSC05160 DSC05161

And Pinky Pie is well on her way:


I should be able to finish her up this weekend and then it’s just Applejack and Twilight Sparkle to work on. I’m going through them a bit quicker than the last time I worked on the ponies, but then again, being familiar with the pattern goes a long way. Also, I don’t have to make wings for them, so there are a few less parts to work on.

The basic pony pattern is from HookedOnAnime as before, but the manes I’m working out myself. I’ll post a quick how-to when I’ve finished all four, in case anyone is interested.

In other news

One of my friends -the lovely Jaqueline over at EenMooiMomentje– has been going through a pretty rough time. There are plenty of things that can cheer me up and at the top of that list is crafting with friends, drinking tea and eating sushi. So that is exactly what I invited her over for a few days ago. We had a great day, me working on my latest project and her knitting away at a warm hat for the coming winter. Our cat Wisky was especially interested in her knitting needles (something she’d never seen before in her life), while our other cat Japie thought of them more as something he desperately needed to murder as soon as possible. Despite all the distractions, Jaqueline still got a bit of work done.
The sushi was awesome as always. (I still believe I don’t get to eat it nearly enough)
After dinner she had to go home again, but we will definitely be meeting up more often (as long as both our work schedules allow it ^_^” )

Check out her blog sometime, it’s a great read about anything from knitting and crocheting to beauty products! (It is all in Dutch though, keep that in mind *cough*googletranslate*cough*)
Have a great weekend!

Cheers, Lydia