Jurassic Park

A while back I read that Steven Spielberg will be making a fourth movie in the Jurassic Park series. The first three movies have sentimental value for me, since I watched them first when I was still a kid. I’ve seen them all quite a few times since then¬†and still love to watch them. Especially when I know a scary part is coming up and I start to brace myself in order not to get scared and thus get more scared when it actually happens ūüėõ

Also, a new second-cousin is coming soon, so it was time for me to start work on a baby-present. It’s going to be a boy and I knew just what to make: a bunch of dinosaurs!
Crochet dinosaurs

The pattern is from Ana Paula Rimoli, who seems to be able to make anything look extremely cute. Here’s a link to her Etsy shop! Give it a visit if you want to make these cute guys yourself.

First, I started on the Triceratops. I love these dinosaurs, with their fierce looking horns and gentle behavior (as far as I know that is…)
I used two shades of green for his body and a nice contrasting white for the horns.

Triceratops from the side Triceratops front

He does tend to make headstands when I try to let him stand on all fours, so I need to press him down a bit. Looks like he’s too heavy for his little back legs, doesn’t it ^_~

Then it was time for a Brontosaurus, which are awesome because of their long necks and tails. The “Veggie-saurus” as it is called in the first movie, gotta love those kids.
I used light greyish browns for this one, because it needs to be able to camouflage itself. It doesn’t have the sharp spikes to defend itself with after all.

Brontosaurus Brontosaurus

She lets her head droop a bit to the side, but then again, doesn’t that make her look even more friendly?

But, no ecosystem is complete without a predator and so, it was time to make the star of the Jurassic Park movies: a T-Rex! This one looks as though he is a vegetarian as well, though, so he was welcomed into the group without hesitation. A bold combination of blue and grey seemed perfect for him.

T-Rex T-Rex

All together they make a lovely little group and I’m pretty sure any little¬†boy would love to have them¬†^_^

Cheers, Lydia