Working hard, or hardly working? #BYATWF

It’s the first friday of the month again and by now you should all know what that means… Bring your amigurumi to work friday!

Since I work in a shoe store, I can’t take a lot of pictures during my work hours, but I tried to give you a ‘day in the life’ 🙂

Today, Crocodile Steve got to come with me to work and he was as excited as could be:


Come on, wake up already! It’s time to go!”


“Have you got everything? Crickey, you sure eat a lot!”


“Safety first.”


Helping out with scanning all the new shoes that came in today, heavy work!

And after that, he decided to spend the rest of the day watching over the costumers from behind the register (but for some reason, the picture won’t load off my phone…) The manager didn’t even notice him until I pointed him out when it was time to go, so he wasn’t a bother at all 🙂


All tired out after a long day of work. “Goodnight!”

Remember to bring your amigurumi to work next month ^_^

Cheers, Lydia

Ps: pattern by Christel Krukkert, from the book ‘Kleine Knuffels Haken’ (Crocheting Small Stuffed Animals, available in Dutch only)