Last thursday and friday, I’ve been to Germany with my boyfriend and some friends of mine. We visited Movie Park Germany, which was lots of fun! On thursday, we ate at ‘the largest shopping mall in Europe’, where they also happened to have a Build-A-Bear Workshop. I’d heard of the concept, but there aren’t any stores in the Netherlands, so I decided to pester my boyfriend until he let me build a bear 😉

Meet ‘Slaapie’ (Sleepy or Snoozy, I guess, in English):

Next to his little house ^_^

Next to his little house ^_^

I really liked how the process worked, plus, the lady helping me was really nice ^_^
I’m not sure if he can count as crafty, since you don’t really make anything yourself. You just pick what kind of stuffed animal you want, fill it up and pick out clothes, but I just HAD to share 🙂

What have you been up to this weekend?

Cheers, Lydia