Catbus revisited

One of my earlier patterns was that of a Catbus, from the movie My Neighbour Totoro. I made one for a friend of mine when I started writing my own patterns. Sadly, when I wanted to make another one, I realised I never fully wrote out the pattern. So when I decided I wanted to make a catbus for the Tegendraads stand at Tomofair this October, I took out my old notes and revised them. And wrote them down in full. So I can make this new, ‘improved’ catbus over and over again.


Catbus all in parts


Inside out


All put together


Working on the face


A big smile for the camera


All ready to take you wherever you need to go!

I’m pretty pleased with the result, especially since I dabbled a bit in changing colours and carrying the yarn as I went. I’m not sure if I will ever post the pattern on here, since the instructions are clear to me, but hard to put into understandable terms. Plus, the pattern is huge! So it would take a lot of time to type up and I don’t have the time or motivation for that right now ^_^” you guys will have to make due with the pictures for now, but if you’re at Tomofair on October 4th swing by the Tegendraads stand and come admire it in real life ^_~

Cheers, Lydia

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