Second Fresh Stitches Kit club!

The next kit is already on its way, but I still haven’t shared the last one. I believe I haven’t even shared the results of the first kit! I did post about the kit here, but what I didn’t mention is that I forgot to check out the special kit club website and I found out after I was done with the pattern, I needed to felt my work in the washing machine. So I had to take it all apart, make some changes in the pattern and wash all the parts (some several times) to get them to felt. In the end it looks pretty cool, but it isn’t a technique I would quickly use or choose myself. I like my projects to really have that crocheted look, I guess ^_^”

Then again, the kit club is a great way to try some new techniques and patterns, so I’m not really complaining 🙂

The second kit was more down my alley: a cute little robot.


First off, I absolutely loved the pattern. Second, it has some great technique to really make great corners. I usually prefer round shapes, since squares don’t seem to come out right, but with this technique, it looks really good! Apart from that, the kit included red felt for the heart and tiny, shiny beads to make it extra special. We needed to do some beading!


The end result looks pretty cute if you ask me ^_^
I did something a little bit different while stuffing this little guy though. The pattern kept open the underside of the head and the top of the body in order to stuff and sew together. I stuffed and closed up the head, but kept the body empty and open. In the body, I put a small glass cube, so that I can now use the robot like a little jar ^_^

wpid-20140610_171443.jpg wpid-20140610_171516.jpg

For now, it’s full of little lucky stars, but once we move, I will probably store my USB-sticks and such in it next to my laptop ❤

Can’t wait to see what the next kit club kit will bring!

If you want to make this little robot for yourself, I’m afraid you will have to wait a couple more months. The kits are club exclusives for six months and this pattern was especially constructed for the club! (I feel so special :3 ) But of course, you can join the club and get an awesome kit every other month!

Cheers, Lydia

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