Happy the African flower happypotamus

I don’t have much time to blog, but I really want to share this little cutie with you guys:


Happy  the happypotamus, from a pattern by Heidi Bears :3
He was a lot of work: crocheting 44 different African flowers and then having to sew them all together… but the end result is definitely worth all the time (and stuffing!) it took ^_^

Have some work-in-progress pictures!


A lot of African flowers were needed


Unstuffed Happy, he ate almost all the stuffing I had!

I really like the ‘African flower’ animals, especially because they take up a lot less yarn than you’d expect. Since I bought a boatload to make the owl last year, I’ve got plenty left over to make lots of different animals ^_^

You can find some inspiration over at Heidi Bears or Jo’s Crocheteria. Which would you like to make?

Cheers, Lydia

2 thoughts on “Happy the African flower happypotamus

  1. I love the Heidi Hippopotamus and enjoyed looking at your work in progress. I was hoping to see some more as I am in the process of joining mine up and am having trouble doing the under body. I have been on the internet over an hour now trying to find some help. I realise the joining up may come easily to some, but at 79 I think I might be suffering from slight dementia. I crocheted most of it together and realised something wasn’t right, so decided to undo it and start again. It took me longer to take it out than it did to make it up. Please can you help. Thank you in anticipation. Jean Clay

    • Dear Jean,
      I did not use the crochet joining technique, instead I made all the flowers including the final round and then sew them together. I found it much easier to do like that, but I’m afraid I can’t be of any use as for helping out with the joining. Maybe you could contact Heidi Bears through ravelry? Either way, good luck!

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