Tiny Projects

Because the store where I work is a little understaffed at the moment, I’m going to be working a lot more than usual. It has been pretty busy already so I haven’t been able to do a lot of crochet work. I’ve mostly been working on little projects, but I do love the result ^_^

The first was a request made by a friend that I’d almost forgotten about until she reminded me a few weeks back.


It’s a little baby-Squirtle! The pattern is made by Aphid777 on Deviant Art can be found here. I fell in love with the pictures even before I got to work on my own. So before I got to crocheting, I saved all her other patterns for baby Pokémon on my to-do list! The main difference between my Squirtle and hers, is that I didn’t needle-felt the eyes, but made them with iron-on cloth and acrylic paint. Also, I couldn’t get the markings on his belly quite right, but then again, he’s supposed to lay on his tummy, so that shouldn’t matter too much ^_^”

The second was a project that has been on my to-do list for a while now. Luckily, in the big bag of yarn that I got from a friend a while back contained just the right colours. Now I can present you:


It’s an extremely cute little hedgehog! The pattern is by Ana Paula Rimoli and can be bought here.  The quills were a lot of work, but it is worth it. From the top he looks like a walking afro 🙂


The third one was something that I wanted to do a long time, but didn’t really look for until this week.


Atashi from Chobits ❤
The very first thing I bought at my very first anime convention was an Atashi keyring. I’d never even seen the anime or read the manga, but I the thing was just so adorable that I couldn’t leave it. Over time it got pretty beat up and now it’s sitting around somewhere in a drawer collecting dust. Thanks to this pattern by Djonesgirl 0n Craftsy.  I do regret making the eyes from felt, since the shape didn’t turn out the way I’d liked to. But then again, it’s still very lovely 🙂


So yeah, I’m going to be pretty busy the coming weeks. And the blog will be rather quiet as well 😦 But I will try to share my latest crochet creations whenever I can! I’ve already got a couple new patterns planned, but still need to find the time to work on them ^_^”

Bare with me please. Also, sorry for the crappy pictures, my phone did not want to work with me… Though I do love the one of the baby-Squirtle 🙂

Cheers, Lydia

3 thoughts on “Tiny Projects

    • Thank you ^_^ it’s a pretty easy pattern and the outcome is amazing 🙂 the creator really did a great job writing the pattern, so I can’t wait to try the other ones

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