So far this is the oldest I have ever been!

This is post #100 on this blog, yay! And I honestly have nothing really interesting to talk about, except my birthday ^_^”

This weekend, I got to celebrate my birthday with family and friends and I got spoiled rotten! I got a lot of gifts, including some great crochet-related ones that have been on my wishlist for a while now.

To make everything really easy for everyone (including yours truly) here’s a pictures of our dinner table filled with my presents:

1545687_1441151892783254_624053732_nCrochet-wise I got:
Feestpoppetjes Haken (crocheting party puppets, very loosely translated, since it’s in Dutch) by Marieke Dissel
Zoomigurumi 2
The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Amigurumi by June Gilbank
– Two crochet hooks from the Clover Amour series: 2 and 3 mm
– And a couple skeins of a very soft yarn ^_^

Boyfriend surprised me with a big stack of books and the third season of The 4400 and then there are the books I got the week before from a friend and some other random gifts and cards. One gift I was really pleased to get: the kit to make my very own BeanStalk from Fantasy Atelier:



I actually put mine together today, but I will show it off in another post. It isn’t as glorious as this one though… But I still really like it ^_^

I’ve been reading the Complete Idiot’s Guide and love it! It’s a very light read, and even though I have been crocheting for some years now, it doesn’t bore at all. I’m at the part where you learn to make your own patterns now, and I’m hoping I will pick up a couple of nice tips.

I also received quite a bit of money, which went straight into the laptop-jar. With a bit of luck, I might bring one home this afternoon ^___^

Other than getting loads of presents, I really got to enjoy the weekend together with my friends and family, which is really what birthdays are all about, right?

Oh, I almost forgot: a friend of mine is letting me pick some stuff from Heikina, a dutch crafts webshop. I really need to get over there and see what kinds of things I still need (which will probably be everything if I browse long enough…)

Well, I won’t be bored for a while.
Do you ask for crochet stuff for your birthday? Or do you celebrate without the gifts?

Cheers, Lydia

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