Upcoming projects

Inspiration has struck and now I’m drowning in plans for things to crochet! So I guess what I’m going to put here will be my to-do list for the coming few weeks ^_^

Elephant Snuggle

Free pattern by DenDennis

Free pattern by DenDennis

This pattern by DenDennis is so insanely cute that I wanted to make at least one as soon as I saw it. Sadly, no babies in the future in my group of family and friends. A coworker of mine made me very happy yesterday by asking if I could make something for her. Friends of her have a lovely baby girl and she wanted to give her a snuggle/security blanket. Do I ever have the right pattern in line for that! So yesterday when I came home, I started on the elephant part, since I need to get some yarn to make the blanky part.

This is how far I've gotten yesterday

This is how far I’ve gotten yesterday

It’s a pretty quick and easy pattern, I guess that’s what I love about DenDennis (he’s got a book coming out this march, I need to get my hands on that!)
Today I have a trip planned to the market to see if they have the yarn I need. As I’m writing this, I suddenly realise I might as well pay a visit to the local yarn store, they might have what I’m looking for as well and I haven’t been there in a while ^_^”

Baskets (Dutch!)

Free pattern by EchtStudio (Dutch!)

Free pattern by EchtStudio (Dutch!)

I’ve been looking for new and bigger boxes to store my stash of yarn in. And even though I have considerably lessened the amount of yarn I have laying around, I still want some more storage space. My eye had fallen on some nice boxes from Ikea, but they didn’t have the right one in store at that moment. Then I came across this free pattern from EchtStudio and realised my mistake. Instead of buying something, I could just as easily make something myself! And I fell in love with the colours of the yarn: Lammy Hawai. So I need to put in an order sometime soon ^_^

-Boyfriend’s scarf
I need to go to the market today either way, because I really want to get some work done on the scarf I’m making for Boyfriend. Lately, I’ve been pondering just frogging the whole thing and making a slightly shorter one. But that does mean starting all over again.. Oh well, I’ll see what I will do when I get my hands on some more yarn and am able to continue.

– Own patterns
I’m not entirely sure why, but I really feel like making some Legend of Zelda characters! I really love the games. The Minish Cap was the first one I ever played (yes, I’m a late-bloomer)
I searched around on the web to find suitable candidates for me to turn into crochet. I’ll keep it a secret for now, but I do have three characters/enemies/weapons/whatevers planned, so stay tuned!

Today will be filled with taking up stock and getting the yarns I need and want to keep myself busy.

What are your crochet-plans for the coming weeks? Anything big, or just quick little projects in between?

Cheers, Lydia

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