Suzy Sheep

The last project I finished in 2013 was Suzy.
This was a pattern I’d been eyeing for a while before getting my hands on it. I’d already bought the yarn I needed, but decided to put the pattern on my Christmas list. Santa came through and even gave me another set of yarn, so now I can make another one if I want to ^_^ or maybe save the yarn for another project.

wpid-IMAG1087.jpgYou can make her in all kinds of colours, so it’s a great way to bust some of your stash ^_^

wpid-IMAG1088.jpgI love how she’s all cute, soft, and fuzzy, thanks to the use of Phildar Douce. Though it can be hard to work with, I really fell in love with this yarn all over again! I think it’s a bit easier to use than other types of fuzzy yarn (like Brazilia from SMC Schachenmayer), since my hook doesn’t get stuck in the hairs. And as long as you keep track of your rounds and count properly, it’s pretty quick and easy to work up a project. Plus, you don’t really see the stitches, so it looks like it isn’t even crochet at all (which I believe is pretty amazing)

The pattern is from Stip&Haak and can be found here (both links are in Dutch!)

Cheers, Lydia

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