How to make my day in 12 easy steps!

A few months ago, I was at a local store with my mom. It’s the kind of store that sells books and other stuff really cheap and they switch their collection regularly. That day, I ran into a handy little book called: “Crochet Notebook”. In it, you can keep track of patterns you’ve made, which hooksize you used, which and how much yarn (brand, colournumber weight), how long the project took you… Pretty much anything you’d like to remember when working on a pattern. But, I didn’t buy it then. It was right before Boyfriend and I were going on vacation and I needed to keep what little money I had, in my pocket.

Yesterday, me and Boyfriend went shopping for Christmas gifts and we went to the same store. I looked around for the book, but couldn’t find it anywhere. So when Boyfriend asked me what I was looking for, I described it to him. We both looked around a bit more, but we couldn’t find it. So we proceeded to look around for gifts. Then suddenly, a lady walked up to us. And she said: ‘I think I heard you talking about this book?’ And lo and behold, she was holding the very book I had been looking for! Apparently, she’d overheard me describing the book to Boyfriend and ran into it in a different section of the store. And she was kind enough to actually take the book with her and come and find us! I was rather surprised and a little overcome by her kindness. It’s pretty amazing how many kind people there still are in this world. So I thanked her a bunch of times and had to restrain myself not to give her a big hug. (It’s never very smart to suddenly hug strangers, no matter how friendly they might be ^_^” )

So, to make a long story short: here’s my new book in which I can write my patterns:

It looks so cute and happy! ^_^/

It looks so cute and happy! ^_^/

And yes, the post title is a lie, there is no easy, 12 step way to brighten my day, but little acts of kindness certainly go a long way!

What can make you smile?

Cheers, Lydia

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