The wedding planner

My cousin is getting married today and I almost forgot to crochet him and his fiancee a little gift! Luckily, Google always has the answer when it comes to quick little projects and I found a really cute pattern on Lion Brand.


They look adorable together, don’t they?

This morning I said to Boyfriend that when (not if :P) we get married, I want all the guests to give me a skein of yarn. He then decided that he wants a set of guitar strings from everyone. He also thought my idea was weird, but let’s ignore that part ^_~

I’ve got a bit of a headcold, so I’m pretty much rambling today. I have built a little crochet cave on the couch with a blanket and food and all my supplies together and I’ve been watching Graham Norton all morning.

And now I’m babbling again… I’d better get back to bed or something, seeing how I need to go to a wedding party tonight ^_^

Cheers, Lydia

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