The first step to rehabilitation is admitting you have a problem..

Hi, I’m Lydia and I am an addict.

It started so innocently a couple years ago. Hey, there’s a new trend, lets try and see if I can do it too. So I picked up the cheapest and quickest supplies I could find and got my first fix. And now I’m hooked, quite literally ^_^”

I managed to keep my promise to myself for not crocheting until today. Still haven’t picked up my hook. Although.. I did show a friend of mine how to start using a chain of two instead of a magic ring because she couldn’t figure it out (neither can I, that’s why I always chain2). But that doesn’t count, does it? I hope not.

I did, however, spend yesterday morning online, browsing through hundreds of free patterns and saving some to my to-do folder. I guess when I can’t get my fix I start looking around for the next and the one after that. I need to have a couple patterns lined up, because I’m afraid my world will fall apart when I’m done with a project and I don’t know what to make next!

Well, honestly, it’s not really that bad, but I guess it could be considered a problem.

I’ve been working on busting away some of my yarn stash, cause I’ve got a lot of bits and pieces of leftover yarn that can’t really be used to start a big new project with, but are still enough to make some small ones. So right now, I’m looking at either small projects or ones that use a lot of different colours so I can get rid of some of my leftovers. But now I’ve got projects lined up that need more of the same colour, or even colours I don’t have (anymore). So I’m itching for a shopping trip while still trying to save up for my vacation.

But maybe I can satisfy my cravings by starting one of the new projects I’ve got lined up. Still need to get to work on that gift for my friends baby, but now, I’ve got two patterns I really, really like. So perhaps I’ll just make both of them and then decide which one I like better. That’ll keep me occupied for at least a week. I hope.

How do you handle crafty cravings when you can’t actually fulfill them?

Cheers, Lydia

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