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All About Ami put together this awesome list of pretty much every crochet blog she could find! I really need to take a day off to browse every site listed here, but I am sure it will be a lot of fun to get more in tune with the crocheteer community ^_^ I’m pretty sure I will have the time soon, since I hurt my wrist at work and crocheting isn’t going as smooth as it should T_T But first, I’ve got my boyfriend’s birthday to worry about!

Also, apparently it’s a lot more difficult to reblog a post from Tumblr onto WordPress than it should be, so I now also have a Tumblr account ūüėõ (made Tumblr account, reblogged the post on there and then was able to import into WordPress, YAY!)

Anyway, enjoy this huge list of crochet blogs out there and if you happen to work through it before me, let me know which ones I should definitely visit!

Cheers, Lydia


When I first started making amigurumi, I googled ‚Äúamigurumi blogs” to see what other people were doing with this exquisite craft, to get tips, and to just connect with others who were interested in the same thing that I was interested in.¬† There weren‚Äôt that many back then, but I enjoyed whatever I came across!¬† Now that I‚Äôve been blogging for a few years, I‚Äôve been able to connect with and reach many people around the world!

And so, it is now my pleasure to present to you this directory of amigurumi and crochet blogs!  When I first asked people to send me their blogs, I honestly was expecting maybe 30-40 comments….little did I realize that there were sooo many bloggers out there, with over 180 people responding!  It’s been fun for me to pop by all your blogs and see what you all have been working on!

Take some time to look around, comment, and connect with fellow crocheters!¬† It‚Äôs amazing how the internet can bring us all together and make the world a whole lot smaller ūüôā¬† In an effort to organize this very long list, I have divided up the blogs by geographical region and then alphabetically within each region.¬† Maybe you‚Äôll discover some fellow crocheters who live near you!¬† Please let me know if anything needs to be changed or if I have left anyone out.¬† Feel free to add your own blog information (name, where you‚Äôre from and url) in the comments below in case you missed my first call for amigurumi and crochet blogs as I will continue to update this list!

***The winners of the blog directory guessing game are “AmiCrafter” (blog comments) and “Bisukiut” (Instagram) as both guessed 183, and there were 184 blogs in the directory at the time of the contest!¬† By random draw, AmiCrafter will receive the crochet hook, but we didn‚Äôt want to leave¬†Bisukiut empty-handed, so she will receive¬†a bunny felt kit ūüôā¬† Congratulations and thanks for guessing!¬† Many of you were very close!***







2 thoughts on “Blog Directory

  1. I really like your list. I never know there are so many amigurimi crocheters out there. I just started my blog and I’m looking forward to connect with other fellow crocheters.

    • Thanks, this list was put together by All About Ami, another wonderful crochet blog. Hope you enjoy browsing the list and get loads of inspiration!

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