Projects, projects everywhere!

These past few days have been quite eventful for me. I’ve been working on the monkey project, which is getting there steadily. Just one more monkey to go and most of its parts are done.


This September, my boyfriend and I will be going to Greece for ten days. I’m pretty excited, but also bumped into a slight problem: I don’t want to bring all the stuff I need for amigurimis with me (stuffing, eyes, needles and whatnot), but I think I might go crazy if I don’t bring a project with me to work on in the evenings or lazy afternoons! So I’ve decided that I will make an afghan while on our little trip. I fell in love with a pattern, but I’m not really sure if I will be able to pull it off. So far, every project that is not an ami ended up in my bog box of unfinished projects and junk… But I will certainly give it a try!

But that is something for the future, a bit closer is a request from a friend: another big minion! So today, I finally sat myself at the computer to type out the pattern. It will be easier to work from than my notes, which always tend to end up really messy -_-”
I have send the typed out pattern to All About Ami and asked her if it’s ok if I post it here. Since she wrote the pattern I based mine on, I believe it is only decent to ask her opinion first. I hope she doesn’t mind, cause this minion has been getting a lot of attention!

What really made my week was that Ana Paula Rimoli liked the big minion enough to share the link to this little blog on her facebook page. And man, did it ever create a buzz! This place had never seen so many visitors and I would like to thank everyone who liked it enough to take a look around! I feel very honored to be recognized by someone who is one of my idols when it comes to crocheting. (If you don’t know who Ana Paula is, she has four crochet pattern books published and is working on the fifth one.)

And this week I finally got to see Despicable Me2! I completely fell head over heels for the ‘evil’ purple minions, so now I really feel the need to crochet some of those as well!

So in short, it’s been a busy week and I’ll probably be busy for a few more!

Stay tuned for pictures of the complete monkey set!

Cheers, Lydia

Find Ana Paula on facebook here!

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