More Minion Mayhem!

As you might have noticed in my previous posts, I’ve been working on a minion again (from the movie “Despicable Me”). I have been working roughly from the same pattern as before, but this time, I modified it for my own personal need: size.

My brother asked me if I could make him a big minion. When I asked him ‘how big’, he said: “however big you can make it.” Well, I did my best and though I could have made it a lot bigger if I wanted to, this looked like the right size for one.

So, without further ado, here’s the result!

He looks so cheeky!

He looks so cheeky!

Chair for scale ^_^

Chair for scale ^_^


Like the original pattern, you can remove his goggles and overalls, but this time, I didn’t sew on the gloves either. So you can basically take off all his clothes until you have a hairy jelly bean with arms ^_^’

Naked Minion :-O

Naked Minion :-O

Some close-ups of details:

Eye behind the goggle

Eye behind the goggle

Button holes that actually work!

Button holes that actually work!

Gru logo on the front pocket

Gru logo on the front pocket

When I made the last one, I didn’t like how the face came out. This time, I think the arms are slightly too long, but then again, I didn’t have the motivation to redo them, so that’s a lesson for next time (if I will ever do one this big again, that is!)

I have written down how I made him, but I don’t think I will post the pattern online, since it’s pretty much a redo of the original by AllAboutAmi. Basically, what I did was make the body, arms and overalls with mostly half double crochets instead of singles. Then, to get him even bigger, I added some extra rounds and kept increasing. If you want to get the pattern, you can contact me and I’ll try to get it to you.

Cheers, Lydia

12 thoughts on “More Minion Mayhem!

  1. I love this attempt, =) Although your first one was cute this one is WAY Better. I may ask for the pattern, however I would like to try the original posted by AllAboutAmi first.

    Blessed Be.

    • Thank you! Practise makes perfect, I guess 🙂 I do recommend making the original first, it’s very clear with loads of pictures.


  2. LOVE him! his overalls are so cute, he’s amazingly adorable! one of my daughters wants one too 🙂
    -& I want some real ones keeping me company all day, how fun would that be? 😉

    • Hey there,
      I sent the pattern to the adress you used for your comment ^_^
      Have fun crocheting the big minion and be sure to let me know how he comes out!

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    • Sorry for taking this long, I have send the pattern to the email address used for your comment. I hope you enjoy making your own big minion and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!

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