I need this!

I need dis

Couldn’t resist, I love this little guy ^_^

Have you ever come across something you didn’t even know existed and all of a sudden you realise you can’t live without it any longer?
A while ago I was just clicking around on PlanetJune and I came across this handy, little gadget:

Stuffing tool

Detail stuffing tool

Now, I have tried stuffing small parts with pretty much anything: the back of my crochet hook, scissors, pens, needles, my own pinky. But it can be ever so hard to get the stuffing in properly. I manage, that’s not the problem, but ever since I learned about this tool I’ve noticed that it should be so much easier.

The same kind of goes for stitch markers. I usually just count out every round, or I put a small safety pin of a bit of yarn at the beginning of a row. But lately I’ve realised that it would be easier to use something that’s actually made for it.

Stitch markers

Stitch markers

Plus, I think I really want June Gilbank’s book: ‘The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Amigurumi’. Because after working on her ‘mop top mascots’ pattern (they became my Lemmings set), I really think I could learn a lot from her.

Now all I need to do is either win the lottery, or be a bit careful with my spendings for a month and I’ll be able to order some of this stuff ^_^”

Is there anything you can’t live without to work on your crafts?
Cheers, Lydia

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