Animal Cupcakes complete ^_^

Of course, after my post last friday, my order came in the mail that afternoon. So this weekend I was able to finish all the cupcakes I had been working on 🙂
Here’s the result:

Underwater set

All together tucked in their little box

Farm set

It’s a tight fit!

Peeking out of the window ^_^

I’m surprised at myself for liking the ‘Farm animals’ set better than the ‘Underwater animals’. Seeing how I have three fish tanks and zero cows. But I guess when you put them together the farm set just works a little better. Either way, I hope the people I have in mind for these like them as well!

I made one extra cupcake, a now very lonely little elephant:


So lonely 😦

I wonder, should I make complete ‘Zoo set’, or just give this little guy away on its own?

Cheers, Lydia

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