Totoro family

One of the first online patterns I used was that of a blue Totoro by Lucy Ravenscar.Blue Totoro, pattern by Lucy Ravenscar

I gave it to my sister-in-law, who loves anime just as much (maybe even more) as I do. I’ve always been in love with almost every movie by Studio Ghibli, but “My Neighbour Totoro” holds a special place in my heart.

Sometime last year, I ran out of projects and decided to ask my facebook friends what I should make. One of them requested a Totoro. Usually, I really hate working the same pattern twice, but with this one I couldn’t resist. Lucky for me, Lucy changed her pattern slightly to accomodate for a big grey Totoro and made patterns for the smaller blue and tiny white ones as well. So it was decided, I needed to make an entire family of Totoros! You can find her blog entry and links to the patterns here.

In the meantime, please enjoy some pictures of the ones I made using these patterns!

Grey totoro frontview

Grey Totoro frontview

Grey Totoro sideview

Grey Totoro sideview


Grey Totoro from the top, the tiny white one can sit on the leaf!

Grey Totoro from the top, the tiny white one can sit on the leaf!

Tiny white Totoro

Tiny white Totoro

Blue frontview

Blue Totoro frontview

Blue sideview

Blue Totoro sideview

Blue and white together

Blue and white together

Another family picture

The whole family together

The whole family together

Another family portrait

The same friend surprised me with a new challenge: he wants a Catbus! I’m still trying to decide whether I will use a pattern I found online (there are some pretty good ones out there) or if I will try to make a new pattern of my own… Time will tell, since I don’t really have the time for such a big project right now -_-”

Cheers, Lydia

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