ZOMGOSH Ponies!!!11!1one

I have to admit that in my youth, I had loads of ponies and a stable for them to live in, but then again, didn’t every little girl? Nowadays, I’m not into the whole “MLP: friendship is magic” and all that. So when I first came upon the My Little Pony pattern from Hooked on Anime, I didn’t really feel the need to make myself a pony. But when a friend of mine asked me if I could make her one, I knew just where to turn.

Rainbow Dash

Rainbow Dash











The pattern is pretty easy to follow, once I got the hang of using double crochets (or treble crochets if you’re from the UK) instead of single ones. Also, the unfolded wings can be a little hard to do, but thankfully, the pattern also provides for folded wings.

This was a really fun project for me, because I had to learn a few new techniques.
I had never really given an amigurumi hair before. Well, once, with the Christmas set, I gave the angel some blonde hairs, but it didn’t really look right. Luckily for me, the pattern comes with some links to how you can make the hair. And that’s how I learned the loom-technique. It’s pretty easy to do once you get the hang of it. I used a thick piece of cardboard instead of a lace loom though, but it worked out pretty well. I think using a real loom would be a bit easier though, but then again, I’ve never used one in real life, so I can’t say for sure.

Then there were the eyes. They’re pretty detailed, so the usual black safety eyes were useless. I had to find another way. For Fluttershy, I made the eyes using bits of felt, which came out ok for one eye, but the other looks totally evil (luckily, the mane covers that one). It was also quite a hassle to glue together all the tiny pieces.

For Rainbow Dash, I decided I needed another technique. I found some white iron-on cloth, the stuff that’s used to repair tears in clothing and such and figured I would be able to use that. I got the outline of the eyes onto the iron-on cloth by finding a picture online on our Ipad (the thing had to come in handy sometime), putting the cloth onto it and carefully trace the eye with a pen. Then I ironed it on and coloured the eye with acrylic paint. It came out looking pretty good, if I may say so myself.


The same goes for the cutie marks. The one from Fluttershy I made with felt, which made for a bit of a mess and some fiddling to get it right. Rainbow Dash’s was easier with the cloth and paint.

DSC02556 DSC02471

The wings were also fun to figure out. The unfolded version can be a bit difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it, it isn’t too much trouble anymore. For Fluttershy, I made two sets of wings, one folded, one unfolded and attached buttons on them so they are interchangeable. Rainbow Dash just got the unfolded version, cause she doesn’t strike me as the kind of pony who would fold her wings for very long (if I have to believe the internet, which I usually do).

Once again, my work came out a bit smaller than the pattern suggests, but then again, I’m used to pretty small hooks. Rainbow Dash came out bigger than Fluttershy because I used a 3,5mm hook on her and made Fluttershy with a 2,5mm. It’s pretty cool to see just how much influence hooksize can have on your work. They do take up quite a bit of yarn, Rainbow Dash a bit more than her friend. Eventually, I ran out of blue while working on the last leg. That’s how I learned to always get more yarn than you think you’re going to need, because man, was it ever a problem to find the same colour again. I actually had the same problem once while working on a Companion Cube from the game Portal, but this time, I really learned my lesson.

All in all, this was another crazy fun pattern to work with and I hope many more ponies will be made using it. Maybe, one day, when I really run out of projects, I might make the full set… But for now, my friend will have to make do with these two.

DSC02553 DSC02467

Cheers, Lydia

PS: the bunny pattern came from a pattern book: “Amigurumi & More” by Tessa van Riet-Ernst. I believe it’s only available in dutch, but I’m sure a tiny bunny pattern can be found online as well ^_~

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